Winter Gripe Vault

Yes, this is what I look like on some winter runs. That has to be terrifying to small children!

This idea is that this is where I place all my gripes about winter and how it affects training, and once it’s here, I don’t need to complain about it.  It’s not perfect, sometimes that gripes rear their ugly head again in a post, but I think it minimizes them! lol!

  1. It’s cold.  REALLY, REALLY cold.
  2. My feet go numb – especially when I run through slush – NOTE: this was resolved when I bought Salomon’s Speedcross 3 shoes!!
  3. My hands are so cold – NOTE: mostly resolved by wearing huge ski mitts and popping in a hot pocket…downfall is a look like a combination of a lobster and boxer.
  4. The footing is bad and I can’t run as fast and risk falling more.
  5. I can’t wear sunglasses on brilliantly sunny winter days because they just fog up – would LOVE to hear anyone’s suggestions on solving this!
  6. It’s darker in the mornings. I can only run first thing in the morning…and when it’s dark AND cold, it’s hard to get out of bed to run outside.
  7. I use my treadmill more.  And I just don’t train as well on it.
  8. The wind takes my breath away. And not in a good way.
  9. People in cars stare at you like you’re crazy.  Ok, actually, I love this.
  10. My Gatorade freezes.
  11. My ipod battery dies quickly.

4 thoughts on “Winter Gripe Vault

  1. irtfyblog

    You have some really awesome gripes here! LOL. As for #5, I read somewhere that if you put shaving cream on a bathroom mirror and wipe it off, this will keep the mirror from fogging up…it might work with sunglasses too. can’t hurt to try it. 😉



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