Hi, my name is Jane and I am never going to the Olympics, nor will I likely ever win a race, but I have run 1 ultra (64km) 13 full marathons (Boston twice) and 19 half marathons – in Canada, the US and Internationally. At first, my motivator was my finishing time, but now it’s more about the race destination – using it as a chance to see parts of the world I might not ever have traveled to otherwise. A couple of years ago, I got the idea to complete a race (half or full marathon) in each of the US’s 50 states. Timeline: until I die. Which is a good thing because 50 is a lot.

In high school I ran track. I remember the year when I dropped the 200m event because, frankly, it was just too long. Fast forward to fall 2003 when I started grad school and found myself in a lab where the culture was “It’s assumed your run long distance – see you on the roads”. So I completed my first half marathon that fall and instantly fell in love and haven’t stopped running since. Running has helped me stay healthy, manage stress (wow, the things you think through and solve or resolve on your long runs!), make new friends, meet interesting people, and see and experience new places. It has become as a part of me as brushing my teeth.

I work as a pediatric exercise specialist. I work with a fantastic interdisciplinary team of professionals and together we help families live realistic healthy lifestyles that ensure that the kids feels good about the bodies they have and can work towards their dreams. Perhaps the most important message we try and ingrain in the families is that health can be achieved across a wide range of body sizes. You do not need to be skinny to be healthy. You need to love your body and engage in good health behaviours to be healthy – and you can do that and fit in a wide range of body shapes and sizes.

This blog will chronicle my good and bad choices made through training and racing – helping myself to learn and maybe others as well – even if it’s what not to do! And hopefully be a source of entertainment to myself and others. You’ll also notice that I have the most ridiculous dog, Abby, ever!!

This picture makes me laugh – HOW do I have the energy to cheer in the middle of a marathon?!
**please note that I previously blogged here and you can find videos in my older posts will work there**

Disclaimer: This is my personal blog. Information I share is not meant to be prescriptive for anyone. I hope it sparks discussion and perhaps inspires people to live healthy lives that they are proud of.

4 thoughts on “About

  1. georgerede

    What a great goal (and utterly sensible timeline) you’ve set for yourself. Been to Oregon yet?

    Sounds like you’ve got a good head on your shoulders judging from your work and exercise philosophy for clients.

    Good luck. George



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