Mental health break, dachshund water sport and proof that you’re never too old for hockey!

I had a REALLY stressful week and so a weekend at the cottage with no access to internet is JUST what my mental health needed!!

And Abby was, as usual, my faithful co-captain

And my faithful swimming buddy whether I want her there or not (insert eye roll!)

Abby continued working on dachshund diving and water running

Saturday night when I was ready to go to bed, I couldn’t find her anywhere in the cottage…until I walked into my room and realized she had already put herself to bed!! She was EXHAUSTED! lol

I enjoyed some bevies on the dock…this one is special because it’s the cider we drank while in Namibia (it’s a South African product)…and I found it at our local liquor store!!

Speaking of bevies…last Thursday we had our annual over vs. under field hockey game where we split the club up by age – this year’s median age was 35 so we played 35+ vs. under 35…and for the first time ever, us seniors dominated the youngin’s!!! It felt amazing!! So, naturally, I had extra celebratory bevies! lol

Now, let’s be clear…we played HARD. I normally run 4-5 km per game…for this game, my garmin tells me I ran 7km! And check out the map…our team was so in sync that I was able to stay fully in my position of right wing for both halves of the game – not sure that has ever happened before – lol!!!! (We don’t need to talk about how sore I was the next day!!!)

Hoping that with the stress from last week being (I think) at an end and my hamstring continuing to feel better, I’ll be able to start to get back to running this week…fingers crossed!!

Happy Monday!

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