TG gets introduced to the cottage and the flying Abbygator!

Well, TG (and his daughter, the Little One) was introduced to the cottage this past weekend and while the weather forecast going into the weekend was dismal (rain, rain, and yup, more rain), it turned out to be a fantastic weekend with warm temps and very little rain -and lots of swimming!

Abby knew something was up on Friday after work as I was packing things up…and she planted herself at the front door to make sure I didn’t forget to pack her – she has no idea where we’re going, but wants to make sure she isn’t left behind! I literally have to pack her in the car first otherwise she is frantic as I’m carrying stuff out to the car! lol

I drove up on my own (Dave and his daughter came up a bit later) and about 20 minutes from the cottage, Abby suddenly caught her first smell of where we were going and looked at me with pure excitement + disbelief that we are FINALLY getting back up there!

For both of us, the cottage is our favorite place on earth.

We got up there just in time to see the sun set and enjoy a FRESH beer – check out that “packaged on” date!

The rest of the weekend was filled with time on the dock and water play…

I found this app called Prism that turns photos into what kinda looks like a painting…

LOVE this photo of the Little One as she’s playing with lily-pads…

And this one of TG as he sits on the edge of the dock fishing…

Speaking of fishing…he nearly killed me this weekend…ok, he says I’m being dramatic, but concedes he nearly blinded me this weekend. I was sitting next to him in that chair you can see in the above pic as he’s casting for fish…one cast (and not the first one this weekend) gets caught in a tree and not wanting to leave a long piece of fishing line hanging from the tree, he automatically (and WITHOUT THINKING), yanks REALLY hard on the line and…

Yes, just as you’re assuming, BOING, it comes FLYING back towards us and hooks itself right into my shorts. While I know he felt TERRIBLE (and immediately realized how dumb that was), I will be reminding him if this daily. lol

As the sun was starting to set at the end of a fabulous weekend…

We packed up the cars and headed home…with Abby passing out immediately…she was still groggy when I left for work this morning!

Happy Monday!


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