Canada Day, my running, Abby and The Giant.

Ok, so I guess it’s back to reality now…no more trips to exotic lands in my near future…and it’s time to get serious about fixing my leg. Yup, I’m still a gimp. However, there is some improvement…I can run without excruciating pain but it’s still very tight, I have limited range of motion, I can only run every other day…and WOW, has my fitness level decreased. I know it’ll come back, so right now I’m trying to take it day by and enjoy the summer running weather…

Ok, but I’ll be honest…the weather in June SUCKED here. We had 10 days without rain (see pic of above) and we just finished 8 straight storm days. So many of my runs have actually looked more like this

And that’s if I didn’t wimp out and just run on my treadmill!! The only good thing about all this rain is that we have had soooo many rainbows!!! Last week I met up with FG for a 7 mile run in a a downpour…but we got to chase this at the end!

This past weekend we celebrated Canada Day (July 1st). It’s a special year for Canada as it’s our 150th anniversary of Confederation. As I live in the capital, it was predicted to be madness downtown…liiiike, if you wanted to be on Parliament Hill for the show that started at 11am, we were being told to start lining up at 6am. Crowds + fear of terrorism = chaos. TG and I still wanted to go downtown and experience the insanity, but given I can be on the Hill any day, I was fine to miss that, and was happy to just wander around the downtown core. However, as per usual this year, we awoke to an absolute downpour….sooo, my desire to celebrate the day quickly turned to a couch party on my couch!

I stole these pics from online…this was the set-up on the Hill the night before Canada Day

This is a girl making her parents proud (sarcasm) on Canada Day as this image was broadcast nationally.

And this is just before the fireworks (amazing photo by @WSchlote)…of course there was another storm. Annnnd, let’s be honest, the fireworks were at 11pm so I had been asleep for almost 2 hours by then!! lol

Quick random tangent…I made my photo album for Japan (click here if you missed the post!) and this time I did it through Mixbook and OMG, amazing!! Will definitely use them again! So many themes, layout options, fun tools…and the price was great as well – plus, they always have discount coupons floating around! Here is the cover and one of the inside pages!

Ok, now for some Abby…

While she loves TG, she is not pleased that he takes HER SPOT in the bed, and so despite his size, tries to still keep some of it…

And then when she finally decides that she risks being crushed by sleeping there, she then comes over to my side and…well, you can see what happens…utter ridiculousness.

As I’ve shown you, her cheek fur is getting out of control…but now it’s also her feet…

Yes, that’s her PAW!!!!

TG and I went to Mucho Burrito this weekend…guess which one was his!? lol

Am hoping my leg continues to get better, that the sun starts to shine more and that you all have a Happy Wednesday!!!

8 thoughts on “Canada Day, my running, Abby and The Giant.

  1. Rebecca

    No going downtown for us either – way too crazy and it would have taken us forever to get home.

    I didn’t stay up for the fireworks – 11pm? no way man


  2. Warren Schlote

    Hey! I’m the one who shot the lightning over parliament. Thanks for taking an interest in the photo! It was quite a spectacular moment, for sure. I’m cool with you using it, but would you mind editing your post to add my name and/or Twitter next to it? Much appreciated!


      1. Warren Schlote

        Hey no worries whatsoever! I’m happy that a) you enjoyed it and b) weren’t malicious in intent. I was hoping not to have to yell at a stranger over the net – not my style 😉 These things happen; it’s all good.

        Happy belated Canada Day and best of luck with the site.

        Liked by 1 person

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