DOMS from cheering (seriously), my brother is ridiculous, and IT IS FINALLY HERE!!

The end of March. That’s the last time I really ran. And while I’ve stayed strong and tried to keep my chin up…I’m getting tired of being injured. Tired of being “on hold”. This past weekend was Race Weekend here in Ottawa…the biggest weekend of the year for runners…and while I LOVED cheering my teammates on and all the other runners out there, a part of me was insanely envious. Ok. My whining is done.

This was one of my signs at the half/full marathon on Sunday – and this one was by far the most popular – it definitely put a smile on people’s faces and I got lots of cheers myself! lol

And you know what – that night and all day yesterday my erector spinae muscles…

…WERE ON FIRE. It was painful to take a deep breath!!! Cheering runners on is not a job I take lightly!! lol!!!

TG was taking care of his father all weekend so I took advantage of the time alone to do some major spring cleaning…and then rewarded myself with some serious hammock time…

If you follow hockey at all, you’ll know that my Senators NARROWLY missed making it to the Stanley Cup finals in a heart breaking game 7 that went into DOUBLE overtime. Now, I’m a regular Canadian in that I was watching all the games during playoffs, staying up late and struggling at work the next day…but there are a few people who take it a step further, who become CONSUMED with hockey…let me introduce you to one. My brother:

My sister-in-law sent me this…this is how my brother watches the playoff games. And he shouts at the screen and occasionally paces about the room. But never sits down. Before game 7, during the day, he texted me this:

And he’s serious.

Then after the game, I checked in with him to see if he was ok…this was his response:

This is probably true. And if he isn’t dead, we know he’ll be blind from watching TV that close to the screen!!

I did some baking in the last few days…

Tried a new recipe for these SOFT chocolate chip cookies….

I LOOOOOVE soft cookies and this recipe is amazing.

And last night I baked some more Abby treats…

She is basically glued to me the entire time just PRAYING a whole tray drops on the floor…or that I drop this full container of freshly baked treats!

I might have given her a few more treats than usual last night, but that’s because on Sunday, my baby turned 8 years old!! I posted this on twitter on Sunday…

Seriously. She is the most ridiculous dog EVER. And I love her more than anything.

In terms of my running…I’ve been running 5k every few days. I’m slow and it still hurts. I’m doing strength workouts like it’s my job (and Abby clearly is not employed as my spotter!!)

and I can FEEL just when I sitting in chair, how much stronger my legs are so I just know that when I can finally run again, in the end, I’ll be stronger.

But for the next 2 weeks, I’m not even going to think about it or worry about it…you know why?

Yup, I’m headed to Japan this Saturday!!!!!! I can’t believe this trip is already here!! I’ll be in Tokyo for most of it, but will be traveling to at least Kyoto as well! Like before I went to Africa, I am sooo excited, but don’t even know how to comprehend what I’m about to experience because I know it will be so different!!!

Happy Tuesday and we’ll chat once I’m back!!!

6 thoughts on “DOMS from cheering (seriously), my brother is ridiculous, and IT IS FINALLY HERE!!

  1. Chris

    Have a good trip! I will be interested to see how you find the food considering you don’t like fish!

    I was hoping the Senators would make it to the final!



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