Bacon, my new Abbycam (!!) and a question for you.

Saturday night I went out for dinner to celebrate the 40th birthday of my beautiful friend, Jenn.

We went to a restaurant, OCCO Kitchen, I hadn’t been to before but had been dying to try as the menu looks soooo good!

I started off with a local beer – Dr. Feel Good IPA from the Stalwart Brewing Company – I will DEFINITELY have this again!

Then I ordered their cheeseburger with…CANDIED BACON. I ordered their heirloom salad on the side because it sounded so fancy for a side salad!!

To be honest, the salad is so fancy it’s difficult to eat and I won’t order it again. The burger (and the bacon) was delicious! Also, ignore that hideous purse in the pic – it belongs to my friend Lianne and she has PROUDLY owned it for 20 years…she is often made fun of for it! lol

Ok, so Saturday night was also game number 1 between the Ottawa Senators and Pittsburgh Penguins. On my drive home from dinner, I was able to listen to the start of overtime and when I pulled into my driveway, I waited there until the whistle was blown for a stop in play – I FULL SPEED dashed out of my car and into the house and turned on the TV…and the game was already over!! WHAT?!?!  Thankfully, in those 2.3 seconds, my team, the Ottawa Senators had scored the winning goal!! WOOHOO!!!

TG is still off gallivanting through Europe with this dad – this weekend they were in Switzerland, Germany and Belgium!

So, I had another weekend to myself where I got some serious spring cleaning done in my house…and with Abby as well. Much to her chagrin.

As we returned from our walk Saturday morning, I opened up the front door and said to Abby, “FYI, you’re getting a bath when we get inside”. No joke, this was her immediate reaction.

Ultimate throwdown and guilt inducer.

BUT, her dirtiness (from the endless throwdowns she does outside) outweighed my feelings of guilt and into the tub she went!

Oh, and my reign over Abby does not end there. Last week I become the owner of what I refer to as The Abbycam. Yup, I can spy on her while I’m at work. Or so I thought. For YEARS, I have assumed that she hung out in my bedroom (I mean, that’s why I have to put my duvet in my closet every morning because she chews it apart if I don’t!!). Well, I set up the Abbycam the first day and frustratingly tried to spy on her ALL DAY while at work. I can log in through the app on my phone and view it live!

That’s right. NOTHING. And since I only have one camera (seriously, I can’t justify buying multiple), I had no idea where she was!! But I had my suspicions…

It took me a while to figure out how to set up the camera to view her in this spot – I am convinced she has picked it because she knows it is almost impossible to set up a camera to view her here!! But I managed….

Yes, the camera is attached to my pendant light in the hall…

And look who I found!!

And you know what? SHE LIES THERE FOR 8 HOURS STRAIGHT. The only movement is to shift position in that bed!!! You can see the day pass on the time stamp from the screen shots I took.

I don’t know why I am so surprised – what else did I think she was doing?? But at the same time, I can’t believe she lies there the whole time…it almost makes me sad!!

But then I just play with her cheek fur and everything is good!

Baked her more treats this weekend…look at her – you can almost hear her asking me to taste them, right?

As for my running…it’s improving…I guess…just really slowly. And I’m starting to lose it. I need to ask you something. I’m getting frustrated by a good friend of mine (who I work with) who comes in everyday to tell me about her latest workout and I just feel like if the roles were reversed, I would be more sensitive to the fact that the other person is struggling with injury and can’t do the things she loves, and wouldn’t constantly talk about my workouts to her. I don’t know. Am I being too sensitive?

I’m hoping to make it out to practice tomorrow night to at least do the warm-up with the team – it will be my first outdoor run since March. And, maybe more exciting, is that it’s supposed to be sunny and not rain!!!!!

One more Abby cheek fur pic to kick off your week!

Happy Monday!!

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