Might be in need of an Ark, GOT amazingness and straight talk with my hammie.

I left my hair curly yesterday to reflect the chaos my city and the surrounding areas have been facing recently…

It basically hasn’t stopped raining in…I don’t even know how long.

Ok, but it’s actually really serious. Here is a bridge, near downtown Ottawa…this is what it normally looks like.This is it right now:

CBC news

And yesterday, the army came to town, just across the river into Gatineau.

I thankfully live on “high ground” and am not at risk of being swallowed by the river as so many are BUT, even “up” where I live, there is just too much water falling and yesterday I found water leaking into my basement!

Buuuut, when I see some people escaping their homes by canoe, it puts my issues into perspective.

This morning however, the rain stopped…however, there was still precipitation…

Yes, it’s May and there was frost last night and it was lightly snowing as I drove into work.

Abby’s expression just about sums it up:

TG is away for the next week and half…he and his elderly father have traveled to their homeland of The Netherlands. Now you know why he’s a giant. It’s in his genes. The average height of a male over there is 6 feet. Here in Canada and the US it’s around 5’9.

So, this weekend was VERY leisurely. Just me and Abby.

I ran both days – 4 miles. And some strength work. Hammie is still being an a$$hole so I put together this little clip in an act of defiance towards my hammie. You better start working, b*tch.

And during my runs I was able to watch more of season 6 of GAME OF THRONES. Did you know that I LOVE THAT SHOW?? lol!! And this weekend, amazing things happened…Daenerys continues to be the most badass chick around

And then my prayers were answered…The Hound is still alive!!!

I met teammates for brunch on Saturday after THEIR long run *sniff sniff*. And other than that, just hung out at home…and cuddled with Abby and enjoyed some beer!

Happy Monday!!!

6 thoughts on “Might be in need of an Ark, GOT amazingness and straight talk with my hammie.

  1. flynnroad

    Love the curly hair!
    Why do women with beautiful curly hair spend so much time straightening it? 🙂

    I didn’t realize Ottawa was so bad. I need to pay attention more. Thanks for your citizen journalism. haha

    I put away my snow brush already. I needed to get it out of my garage this morning to scrape ice off my car windows 😦


    1. 50statecanuck Post author

      And I ask why women with straight hair spend time curling their beautiful straight hair!! lol! We always want what we don’t have!! lol

      This weather is just stupid! We should NOT be using snowbrushes in May!!! lol

      Liked by 1 person

    1. 50statecanuck Post author

      Aww, thanks!! I hate my hair curly so I always straighten it…but it’s really nice when people like the natural me…’cause sometimes I don’t have a choice!!

      Can’t view the link from my phone so will check it out when i’m on a PC!!



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