OMG – my next adventure has been booked and it is incredible! The hammie not so much…

Ummm, ok, something crazy happened this weekend…I booked a trip to….

TOKYO. I know, I was in Africa earlier this year and now I’m headed to Asia – whaaaaat?! The bridesmaid I shared a room with while in Africa messaged me this weekend and said, “There’s a seat sale to Tokyo in June, let’s fly there together for 10 days and meet up with the bride & groom!” (who are traveling for 8 months for their honeymoon!) My dad said he would look after Abby and work told me to go and enjoy my trip…so a few hours later, Sophie and I were booked in for the second trip of a lifetime in 6 months!!!!!

Ok, back to reality with some Abby cuteness!! This was her after I finished a treadmill run last week.

Sigh. Running. Remember how I was making good progress and was up to 4 miles? Yeah, well, I went and played field hockey last Thursday (first night of the outdoor season and it was 80F but before you start worrying that Canada is melting, it’s currently 43F. Sigh.)  Anyway, back to hockey…what a great night it was!!

Until my hamstring decided to be an a$$hole again. Like, I was running one minute and the next it was like

With 30 minutes to go in the game, I limped off the pitch…but obviously stayed around to enjoy post-game beers!

Buuuut, I have been unable to run since. The hammie is just too angry. Sigh.

Thankfully I can still do full strength workouts – even focused hammie exercises like this 1-legged pull-in doesn’t bother it!

I was told that these strength based exercises are controlled which my hamstring is strong enough to do, but running (and especially sprinting) is much less controlled which my hammie is not into dealing with right now apparently. Soooo…just staying patient…

TG and his daughter (the mini) were at my house this weekend – the weather wasn’t great so we did inside things like getting our nails done…well, TG just “supervised. lol

I just got basic purple on my toes…

But the mini got some art and was very happy with the end result!

Made another batch of dog treats for Abby

And speaking of the amount of work I do for this spoiled dog, she has her own pill sorter!

But hopefully by August she’ll be off all of them other than that big fat fish oil pill!

TG’s Dolly was of course with us this weekend…like TG, she is just too big for this world – this is her in Abby’s bed lol

And just so we’re clear, Abby is not the only dog on the street living the high life…this is Chimes…the neighbourhood stud chihuahua who tries to hump Abby at every chance he gets – despite Abby snapping at him EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. lol

Aaaaand, just to finish it off, this was Abby last week when I mentioned that she was going to have to have a bath…#tantrum

Happy Monday!! (and if you wouldn’t mind, send me some good vibes for my hammie!!)

7 thoughts on “OMG – my next adventure has been booked and it is incredible! The hammie not so much…

  1. jade

    Sending you healing vibes…I had hammie issues last year and it took a long time and mainly just rest to get better, it was SO frustrating! And Tokyo?? just WOW!! 😀


  2. Anna @ Piper's Run

    Woah, what an amazing trip ahead of you! Girl be careful with your hammy. I did mine in playing soccer 2 years ago and it took a full year to heal/get stronger. Lots of PT and foam rolling out my glutes helped. Sure hope it’s nothing serious.


    1. 50statecanuck Post author

      I know!! I’ve seen you and others with hammie issues and i’m worried. But i’m being careful!! The good thing is that it’s not torn…i think it’s more irritated by something further “up the chain”…so need to be nice to my body.

      Liked by 1 person


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