Abby the ham and the small miles that mean so much.

Seriously. I can’t help myself. And then I can’t help but laugh hysterically.

That cheek fur is too much!!

But she pays me back…this was mid-walk yesterday. *eye roll*

So guess what? After my physio treatment last Wednesday (another round of torturous ART and then some amazing dry needling in my butt and hamstring)…things have been getting progressively better. On Thursday I ran 2 miles (that was actually an accomplishment!), Friday I ran 3 miles and on Saturday…

…this girl ran 4 miles – and has every day since!!!

I have also been, post-runs, alternating between a leg workout – which includes squats and deadlifts (seriously, the dead lifts just feel like a glorious stretch on my hamstrings)

And core work – planks, stability ball ab work, TRX pull-ins…

See the TV in the background…yeah, that’s Homeland…and I’m done the first 4 seasons on it…which is all that is available on Netflix…but there are 2 more seasons out there…WHEN WILL NETFLIX GET THEM???? URGH!!!

This past weekend was a mix of good and bad weather…during the moments of good weather, TG did some painting while I, um, supervised (aka, read my book while sitting in the sun)…

I also had one of my favorite guys come visit me…Dan The Tire Guy!!! For those of us who have to have switch out winter tires vs. summer tires twice a year, you know it can be a ROYAL pain in the a$$ to schedule and can cost between $50-100. But my guy Dan COMES TO MY HOUSE and charges me only $30. AMAZING!!

I made some YUMMY pad thai on Sunday…of course, was so excited to eat it that I forgot to take a pic until after I had started eating it! lol

This morning, while Abby was adamant that it was time to wake up, she was also adamant that it was not time to get out of bed! *eye roll*

And then this, while I was trying to do core work this morning after my run! What a ham!!

Happy Tuesday!


7 thoughts on “Abby the ham and the small miles that mean so much.

  1. jade

    I LOVE Abby’s cheek fur, I bet it’s long enough to braid… and that throw-down was just what I needed today 🙂 You have a giant Christmas cactus!!! I do too and it’s April !?!?


    1. 50statecanuck Post author

      I am glad you enjoy the cheek fur as well…and YES, I have been wondering whether I’ll be able to braid it soon HAHAHA!!!! And yes,the throw-downs are HILARIOUS to everyone else!! lol Am so jealous your xmas cactus is blooming – mine normally blooms in Feb/March but not this year…to be honest, I kind of neglected it for a while…long enough that even a cactus felt neglected!! lol



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