Quieting the noise, my Birthday and Easter munchkins.

Sometimes you need to quiet the noise. 3 weeks ago was that last time I ran. Like, a real run. Since then, it’s been a mile here and a mile there…not more because the pain is too much. Not exactly sure what the cause is, likely a bunch of things, but right now my hamstrings could substitute as guitar strings and my hip flexors are basically cement.And it was, in some ways, a wake up call that I need to be more mindful. Of myself. Life is busy, loud, exciting, stressful, fun…and I find myself in a forward motion…almost tumbling forward. I need to take more breaks and just look out into the backyard and hear, feel, and see what is going on NOW. And respect it. Embrace it.

So, I’m getting my body treated (massage, physio, dry needling, etc.) and I know it will eventually be ok – in fact, I think it will be better – and in the meantime, I’m just taking things one day at a time and enjoying my extra free time.

I went and saw a few junior hockey games with my dad – something we did regularly when I was growing up. My memories of spending that quality time with my dad are so special and will last forever.

Oddly, I’m able to do strength training no problem – squats, deadlifts, lunges…and have been doing a lot more core (I suspect a lack of this is one of the root causes of all this).

With no early morning runs on the weekend, I find myself getting to Costco…BEFORE IT HAS OPENED.

Abby has been on the winning end of my free time…

But it also means I have more time to style her ever growing cheek fur!

It was my birthday last Tuesday – I turned 39. Eeek! TG and his daughter took me out for dinner and I got the best gift!!!

Up until now, I have been re-watching (over and over) the series on discs borrowed from my friend’s brother…now I have my own!!!

This past weekend, I had my brother and his family stay with me for Easter. My goodness it was exhausting – just ask Abby!! This was her at the end of day 1 of them being here:

This is a close-up of her face…OUT. COLD.

Friday night we had birthday celebrations for myself and my niece, Jillian, who will be turning 2 at the end of the month.

Sunday morning was a successful Easter Egg Hunt

After church we tried to get some nice pics of the kids…challenging to get them smiling properly at the same time! lol

Sunday night I found my brother hogging the couch…so, like any normal older sister, I piled on top of him…which the kids thought was hilarious and so they joined in!

After a weekend of insanity, am looking forward to having some quiet time…and continuing the healing process.

Happy Tuesday!


2 thoughts on “Quieting the noise, my Birthday and Easter munchkins.

  1. Paul S

    Love this – the time taking it easy, chilling with family and just taking it in (NEXT TIME TELL US…lol). But with the tight muscles and rigid hip flexors…welcome to my world! The difference is that I don’t do anything about them…lol. I will be trying to work with a flexibility / strength coach soon, so at least there is that.

    And Happy Belated Birthday!!



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