Running, Bacon and Abby – what more does one need?

If you have cheek fur that does this, guaranteed I’m going to play with it and take pictures!

I’m sure I don’t have to tell you that she is not NEARLY as amused as I am!!

Very low-key and wonderful weekend!! TG spent the weekend with his dad (he and his siblings take turns looking after their ailing father) which meant that I had the weekend to DO WHATEVER I WANTED!! Don’t get me wrong, I missed him but…who doesn’t want a weekend to themselves every now and then!?

Saturday morning was a nasty -20C/-4F windchill but our run turned out to be beautiful because of the gorgeous sunshine!! 12 beautiful miles!

I refueled myself appropriately once I got home…

And let’s be clear on the preparation…

That egg is frying itself in delicious bacon fat!!!

I then did a whole bunch of chores around the house and walked Abby in the still gorgeous sunshine

If she looks unimpressed to you, it’s because she is. She is irritated that I am making her sit for this pic when all she wants to do is run around this field like a lunatic while disobeying me. Sigh.

Then I spent the rest of the evening being lazy on the couch. It was AMAZING. Oh, and I did I tell you that I got 10 hours of sleep each night this weekend? That was also AMAZING.

Sunday morning met the team for another run…it was warmer yesterday – warm enough that by the end of the run we all had at least our mitts off, if not our jackets – it was 2C/36F by the end of the run! 11 miles of loveliness for a total of 44 miles (70km) for the week.

And refueling consisted of the same thing…

There are four slices of bacon in that one little egg mcmuffin…my mouth waters just at the memory…and yes, I feel that having a large slice of tomato in there balances out the food groups!

I did all my chores on Saturday…except one…I had committed to washing the baseboards on the ground floor this weekend…and saved it for Sunday.

It’s a hateful job. But, necessary. And it got done.

Then I went and got gas for the car…and with the weather being so “warm”, Abby got to do the dog thing and hang her head out the window.

After that I lay on the couch for the rest of the day. And, unlike, earlier in the week, this, thankfully, did not happen.

She’s such a brat, no??

I posted this on twitter last week…she was CONVINCED that one of her treats was under this bookcase but I knew I hadn’t let any fall under there and yet she wouldn’t listen to me (I say that like she EVER listens to me!)

And when I sent this to TG he was like, “Oh yeah, one fell under there this morning before I left”

Apparently when you’re a giant you’re too big to fish treats out from under furniture?? lol

Happy Monday!


7 thoughts on “Running, Bacon and Abby – what more does one need?

  1. ultrarunner2014

    Sounds like a perfect weekend to me! Love the pic of Abby in the car, she looks so dignified and important…I bet she did the ‘Queen wave’ to passer-by’s.


  2. Anna @ Piper's Run

    Abby is a ham! Our dog would only let us bug her for so long then she’d get up and move away.
    So, I saw this video of a baby eating bacon…he was in love with bacon and I literally thought of you but can’t figure out how to share the video as it was on someone else FB page. Anyway…this kid (toddler) was just in heaven eating bacon! Now I want a bacon and egg sandwich.



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