Living in the arctic in March, the treadmill – the greatest invention ever, and Abby.

It was cold here this weekend. How cold? This cold:

With the windchill it was -30C/-22F. And it’s the middle of March. I just can’t handle it anymore. So I stayed inside and did my long run, 10 miles, on the treadmill. And so did all my teammates except for 2 crazy brave souls.

I’ll be honest. I took a 3 minute sanity break at 6 miles before finishing off the final 4. I love my treadmill, but 10 miles is, even for me, a long time to be trapped on there.

I spent the rest of the day doing groceries and chores around the house and then I met up with some girlfriends at my fav bar – Craft Beer Market.  I kinda look drunk in the pic…but I think it was more that that photographer had had a lot to drink! lol

Sunday morning it was still the same horror outside:

So I did my 10km on the treadmill again…

With all this cold weather, I’m fast approaching the end of Season 4 of House of Cards and Season 5 isn’t going to be released until May!! Ugh! I’ll have to start something new…any suggestions? I’m thinking of picking up Homeland from where I left off…which I think was around Season 2 or Season 3. I really liked it, it just kept switching times it was being aired on cable and so I lost track of it…

TG and his daughter arrived at my house yesterday afternoon and are here until tomorrow morning (she’s on Spring Break). We spent the rest of Sunday cuddled. up all together. either in my bed or on the couch…seriously. It was a much earned lazy day!

As for Abby…

I can barely handle the cuteness!!

And, as you can see, she continues to lead a high stress life!

Happy Monday!!

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