The Abbygator, training update, and my twin!

Seriously. I have lost complete control.

Ok, truth is that I probably lost it the minute I selected her from her litter of 8. But this bed issue is out of control. I wake up in the strangest positions because…well, you can see why.

Monday was 5 easy recovery miles on the treadmill followed by some strength training (lunges, arms, pushups, clam and planks).

Tuesday was track practice with the team…in honor of it being the eve of International Women’s Day, we did an “Evolution of (kick ass wo)man” themed post workout pic!

We lined up in order of height…I may be 3rd tallest, but FG is SO much taller lol

I actually really enjoyed this workout – mentally it was “easy” for me – just made sense in my type A brain…physically, like all of them, it kicked my ass. All done at 5k pace and preceded by a 3km warmup:

1600m, 3 minute rest
1200m, 2 minute rest
800m, 2 minute rest
3x400m, 1 minute rest

I love looking at HR data afterwards…it really shows a good visual of the workout – the warm up and each of the intervals…with each recovery….

Wednesday = REST DAY

And this morning, Thursday, was tempo…2 miles warm-up and then 5 miles tempo…there is a lot of sweat that happens…some of it is from watching the craziness that is House of Cards!!

This week is the first week where I have started to feel like myself again in terms of running strength. I still have a long way to go to get back to where I was and I am in no rush whatsoever, but it still was nice to feel like I’m not waking at 5am for these runs for no reason! lol

One of the reasons I love my job so much is that I get to work with one of my best friends…we’re so close that we basically have the same wardrobe…and sometimes this happens….

And have I told you that I think I own an alligator?


Happy Thursday!!

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