A very special trip, running and Abby overload.

Saturday I did something really special…I flew to Toronto for the day to visit my grandparents.

My grandfather turns 97 in a couple of weeks and my grandmother isn’t far behind at 93. They live in a retirement home together and this June, god willing, they will celebrate their 70th wedding anniversary!!

During my travels to and from Toronto (which is a 4-5 hour drive from my house and only a 45 minute flight…making the cost of the flight SOOOOO worth it!) I had a latte from Starbucks…

Apparently my name, spelled correctly or not, didn’t matter! lol

I’m not sure if you have this in the US (please let me know – I’ve never thought to look while at airports in the US!), but for bringing liquids in your carry-on, they all need to fit into a 1L clear plastic bag – which you can get for free at the airport. I like to be environmentally responsible and re-use my bag as many times as possible…apparently the security guy thought mine needed to be retired because he quietly gave me two more and said, “I think it’s time” – ba-hahaha!

Abby spent the day with my parents while I was in Toronto…she literally has her own lazy-boy at their place. #spoiled

Before flying to Toronto I did an easy 10k run on my treadmill…the outside temperature was -22F/-30C. I love my treadmill even more on those days!!

Then I did some strength work with Supervisor Abby on duty, including pushups…

And planks…

I seriously can’t take how cute she is.

Sunday morning the temperature had warmed up a few degrees – only -6F/-22C lol. But the sun was brilliant and when you’re out with your friends, it’s always warmer!

And with the amazing sunshine, Abby and I took advantage of it and went on long walks Sunday morning and afternoon.

Scouting for squirrels to terrorize….

Going berserk for no reason other than she loves snow…

And then fully enjoying being off-leash – something that doesn’t happen all that often due to her COMPLETE LACK OF RECALL.

If I leave any clothing lying around, guaranteed Abby will find it and curl up on it!

This was her last night…again, I can’t take the cuteness!!

Last week I ran 64km (40 miles)…that’s the distance of the ultra I ran years ago (2003 to be precise…OMG, where has the time gone??)…I was clearly slacking last week! lol!! Funny, it really didn’t feel that way!!!

Happy Tuesday!


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