My goalpost goal, tomato soup magic, benefits of being a giant…and my love for Abby!

Saturday was our last game of winter hockey – have a break until the end of April when we will start up again – outside…IF the snow is all gone! lol

TG came out and acted as photographer which was great as it’s normally me taking the pics and so I’m never in them!

There were only two women and I’m in white!

While I scored 4 goals, I did have some misses including this one…where you can hear the ball hitting the goalpost!!! Ugh! (not sure why, but there is no sound for the first few second, but it comes on in time to hear the “ding”! lol)

Great game…especially since my team won!

TG and I basically spent the weekend buying and installing new light fixtures in my house…ok, he INSTALLED them…and when you’re a giant, you really just needed a step stool lol

4 new light fixtures and 2 dimmer switches…it’s like a whole new house!!! Handy boyfriends are awesome! lol

But I fed him well…this Easy Tomato Soup was a HUGE hit!

And TG couldn’t get enough…he thinks it should be packaged and sold! lol

When I moved back to Ottawa 10 years ago, a family I was quite close to in the city I was moving away from made me a cookbook – well, their 13-year old son did. I still use some of the recipes today…including this mashed potato one:

I don’t think it’s a secret why it tastes so good!

(that’s a stick of cream cheese – not butter lol)And then, bacon was on sale at the grocery store this week – 2 packs for $5…you can bet we ate bacon this weekend!

Long run on Sunday was in chilly but beautiful weather and me and 2 of teammates did 12 miles and stopped briefly in front of Parliament for a photo op!

I really live in a beautiful city!!

Sunday afternoon we ran some errands and I misjudged my hunger and found myself edging up on HANGRY while we were out…TG, without saying anything, swung the car into the closest McDonald’s drive-thru and bought me 2 cheeseburgers…he knew what would make me happy!

After dinner on Sunday night, TG took what I think is the most beautiful pic of me and Abby…it literally warms my heart and, I think, shows how much we love each other!!

Happy Tuesday!

2 thoughts on “My goalpost goal, tomato soup magic, benefits of being a giant…and my love for Abby!

  1. ultrarunner2014

    TG is a keeper hey? A very thoughtful, kind and loving man, and handy too! 🙂 I’m so happy for you, and that pic of you and Abby is so beautiful.



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