If you love Abby, this post is for you – 1 year post the scariest week of my life with her!

This time, a year ago, I was a mess. Abby had been admitted to the ICU and things were not looking good…MRI, neurologist, encephalitis, permanent, fatal, rare, unknown…all words that suddenly became my norm. But, this little ball of fur who I love more than anything, has made it through a year. Something her neurologist couldn’t guarantee me. Her future health is unknown but, for now, if she continues to do as well as she is doing, she will be off all of her medication by mid-August. That would be AMAZING. So, fingers crossed for Miss Abby, please!!

Abby knows just where to place herself when I’m doing push-ups…

Monday I did a 6 mile recovery run…this means, for me, keeping my heart rate below 153. It also means, the speed at which I do it varies…and because I’m listening to my body (via heart rate) it’s an actual RECOVERY run. This has been key for me staying healthy – mentally and physically.

Tuesday was team practice on the indoor track…

Just, for once, I would like track practice not to hurt like hell…ok, actually I don’t…it hurts because we’re doing it right – pushing ourselves. Tuesday’s workout was:

4x400m, 1 minute rest between intervals
1 x1600m, 3minutes rest before and after
4x400m, 1 minute rest between intervals

Then I went home and ate homemade chocolate cookies…excellent refueling food!

Wednesday was rest day…so I’ll insert some Abby videos here!

Seriously…this is her favorite game…it would go on forever if I wanted!

This is typically my view in bed as I settle in for the night.

And this is typically my view when I wake in the morning…note that she has wormed her way over to MY side of the bed…if your volume is up, you can hear her breathing lol

This morning’s workout was 2 mile warm-up + 4 miles tempo…it was a mental challenge this morning…and I’m so proud of myself for sticking it through without cheating and taking a break mid-way through!

This weekend is the last winter field hockey game…which I’m kind of happy about because it means I can put my long runs back on Saturday and join my teammates!! TG is going to come and watch…hopefully I score lots of goals!! lol

More Abby videos for your enjoyment!

Abby, recently, apparently can no longer just lie on the couch, she needs a blanket…

And when I don’t help her with the blanket, she gives me the cold shoulder…

Happy Thursday!!

8 thoughts on “If you love Abby, this post is for you – 1 year post the scariest week of my life with her!

  1. ultrarunner2014

    I clearly remember last year, and how awfully sad it was for you! Thanks for the hilarious video’s, I love Abby so much ❤



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