TG’s mini, Vipers, tarantulas and Abby, Winter running and Canadian sunbathing!

What a crazy good long weekend it was! Saturday morning kicked off with a fast-paced game of (indoor) field hockey…my team kicked butt thanks to a speedy young player we picked up!

He often played as though the opposing players were simply pylons – lol!!

Then I got home and threw a chicken into the crockpot – first time slow cooking a chicken in there – used this recipe – and the only note I would add to it is that next time I would choose the cooking it on high option – on low, in mine, even after 8 hours it hadn’t quite reached 165F.

Then I met and welcomed a very special person into my home – TG’s 8 year old daughter!! OMG. She is adorable…a real cutie patootie (CP). No joke, within 5 minutes of meeting me, she looks up at me and says, “Jane, do you like to cuddle?” When I told her yes, she literally squealed and said, “Can we cuddle?!”.

CP is a total animal lover (she now wants a wiener dog lol) , so the three of us went to the Museum of Nature’s special Reptile exhibit that they have on right now…super awesome…because they were behind thick glass! lol

Gaboon viper…with 5cm fangs

Red spitting cobra…

Snake necked turtle – I had never even heard of these!!!

Tarantula…ugh, so gross.The elusive Giant long haired wiener dog…oh wait, that’s Abby! lol
Then we got back home and had dinner – the chicken was a hit (thank god) and CP and I made dessert together: Dirt Cake Parfaits

OMG. They are to die for!!!

Sunday morning I woke up before everyone else (not hard to do as TG & CP are NOT early risers lol) and got in 12 miles…IN GORGEOUS WEATHER…in terms of sunshine and temps that is…road conditions were um, pretty brutal…icy and slushy almost everywhere!

Yeah…any asphalt showing is actually glare ice. It was an adventure!

But in terms of winter coming to an end at some point, I did see light at the end of the tunnel!

And I stopped downtown to wow over the construction of the upcoming Ice Cross Downhill World Finals. Yeah, what is that you ask? Well, the short answer is: Total and complete insanity. Lol.

This is a quick video ad for it…basically people race down this twisty maze filled with jumps, WHILE WEARING SKATES.

Here is where construction is at now:

Here is one of the jumps…

On skates? No thank you. But I can’t wait to watch – although tickets to the event are INSANE so I will probably be happy watching highlights on TV! lol

We spent Sunday wandering around downtown…it was the last weekend of the Winterlude Festival here so there was lots to do – CP had never been to Parliament before and she was very curious about whether Trudeau’s office was at the top of the clock tower! (note: it’s not lol)

Yesterday was Family Day here in Ontario so, with the weather still behaving, my dad and I headed up to the cottage just to check things out (i.e. make sure the cottage was still standing despite the more than 8 feet of snow we’ve had this winter. Ugh.).

Literally, without my snow shoes, I would still be in our driveway in hip deep snow!

Yup, we’ve had enough snow…summer can start now!

Canadian sunbathing at it’s best…

Summer or Winter, this is my favorite place on earth.

Three day weekends are THE best!!!

TG took this pic on the weekend…so cute.

Happy Tuesday!!

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