Princess Abby (hit a new level), that white stuff I have too much of and the creature I defeated this morning (shudder).

Last night, I went to a new level with Princess Abby. The last few weeks, her skin has been really dry – something that has never happened before. I reached out to the breeder I got Abby from and she recommended, contrary to what you’d think, washing Abby more frequently, switching up the type of shampoo and adding a conditioner…and the products she recommended aren’t even ones I would splurge on for myself!

I wash my own hair with Herbal Essence – not the cheapest at the drugstore, but definitely not the most expensive. So, comparatively, it felt like I was washing Abby with liquid gold last night.

AND, she got this, too.


Further proof, not that we needed it, that Abby is a princess. lol

I’m also going to be adding some fish oils to her food. Something else I don’t do for myself – lol!!

This morning…this happened.

  1. That is my bed.
  2. For a serious arachnophobe, that is a HUGE spider!!

It seriously won’t stop snowing here. My last post was about the insane amount of snow…and we got hammered again yesterday.

Thankfully (if you can say that about winter hell), it has been light snow so I’ve been able to continue launching the snow up on top of the mountain that, in the summer, is my front garden!

Tuesday was Valentine’s Day…not a day I fuss over and really mark but, I will admit, TG really surprised me by sending me flowers to my office and made me smile – and my co-workers caught it on camera!

Am in the process of updating some pictures I have around the house – haven’t decided where I’m going to hang this collection yet but I already LOVE it!!

This week hasn’t been perfect with training – active recovery on Monday but had to miss team track practice on Tuesday night because of work and just couldn’t get my act together to get it done on the treadmill that morning. Oh well. It happens. I got my tempo run in this morning…OMG, House of Cards is just evil…and I can’t stop watching!!

And, finally, I really need to find myself a coat like Abby’s…she’s so impermeable to the snow & cold!!

Happy Thursday!!


7 thoughts on “Princess Abby (hit a new level), that white stuff I have too much of and the creature I defeated this morning (shudder).

  1. ultrarunner2014

    I have never in my life seen a white spider, that thing is just hideous! I need Abby’s spa treatment…did she allow you to blow dry her hair after? 🙂



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