TG’s birthday, max heart rate and Abby stink eye!

This past Saturday was TG’s 43rd birthday. To celebrate, we went out for dinner with another couple…to my favorite Thai restaurant – Green Papaya. Yes, for his birthday, we went to MY favorite restaurant – lol. Then after dinner we went to a local comedy club for a show…

To be honest, I had never been to one before and during the opening act I was seriously questioning the idea…the first guy was, um, just not funny. It was awkward…this is likely what my facial reaction was for most of his act…

Thankfully the headliner for the show was HILARIOUS!!! The male of the other couple we were with actually paid the club’s seating host NOT to sit us in the front row…and I AM SO GLAD HE DID THAT. It was tear-jerking, pant-peeing hilarious to watch the people who were unfortunate to be sitting there getting picked on by the comedian, but it would have been mortifying to have been them!! lol

Sunday morning I met two teammates for a long run…let’s just be clear, I still LOATHE winter but, the weather on Sunday was absolutely perfect (for winter) and it was such a nice run with these lovely ladies in our beautiful city!

This was the cityscape on our way across the bridge – sun trying to break through the clouds…

And then us on the way back – sun given up on trying to break though and just trying to throw as much light through the clouds as possible! lol

Last night was track practice. I don’t know about you, but for rest portions of intervals I MUCH prefer ones where it’s rest done any way you like it which, for me, means either bending over gasping for air or walking VERY SLOWLY in circles lol. What is not my favorite is active recovery rest…I DIE. lol

Last night’s workout was one of those killers: 3 sets of 5x300m with 100m jog in between the intervals. UGH. To prove how much these kill me, my heart rate max last night was 206. lol

But, as per usual, after the torture is done, I feel awesome. And it’s always better to be tortured with these ladies! Yes, that’s FG leaping in the background.

Some random stuff…I made this on the weekend: Beef Enchilada Dip

TG was drooling and I’m not sure even stopped to talk while eating this other than, “OMG, this is sooooo good”. lol

This year, Canada is celebrating it’s 150th anniversary of Confederation and one of the many promotional things happening around the country is that Parks Canada (a government body that oversees the protection and management of our National Parks, Historic Sites and Conservation areas) is offering a FREE pass for 2017 to all these destinations!! How cool is that?! And mine arrived yesterday!

And, to conclude this post…have you ever seen such stink eye??? (or a treadmill that needs a cleaning!)

Happy Wednesday!!!


5 thoughts on “TG’s birthday, max heart rate and Abby stink eye!

  1. ultrarunner2014

    Happy Birthday TG! And how did I not know about this pass? I’m over in Western Canada and would love to explore Banff and Jasper National Park!

    Abby’s stink eye is hysterical and the best one I’ve ever seen, how does she even know how to do that? 🙂


    1. 50statecanuck Post author

      It comes VERY naturally to her!! Haha – I don’t know…although perhaps living in Ottawa where Canada’s 150th is in our face 24/7 helps! But yes, look up Parks Canada and you’ll see the link for the pass!!!



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