Anyone want to post bond? Abby’s in jail. Plus some running.

If you read my last post, you know Abby and I are having some…issues.

And she’s ensuring that I pay attention to her…especially while I’m TRYING to watch TV. You know if she could talk she’d be saying, “I don’t know what you’re complaining about mom, I can see the TV perfectly well!”

When I left for work Monday morning, I blocked her off from the second floor of my house – but she still had full access to the first floor. When I came home from work at the end of the day, all looked as I had left it…until I found this in the living room…

That WAS a crucial component of my iRobot roomba vacuum cleaner. But it is no more. And while SUPER angry, I didn’t have much left in me after yesterday’s attack on my down duvet and, it clearly doesn’t accomplish anything to yell at her soooo…she has left me no choice. She spends her days now in jail.

f0abc513-5149-46b0-bc08-ac2d1b2cff2cI HATE leaving her in it all day but, luckily, I have always treated the crate as being a safe place for her. It’s where she goes if she has hurt her back and needs (forced) rest, or if she’s sick and needs to be confined…I always talk in a quiet and happy voice when dealing with her and the crate. So, each morning as I go to work, she willingly (almost happily) goes into the crate. But I still hate it. I don’t want this to be permanent, but it’s the way it has to be for now…for the safety of my house…and sanity.

Tuesday night is track practice with the team. All day there had been grand predictions of a winter Armageddon hitting the city and, while it never happened, girls who live on opposite ends of the city, made arrangements to get their workout done closer to home rather than risking their lives heading out to practice so the group was smaller.

But practice was, as per usual, a slice of wonderful hell. 2×800, 4×400, 2×800

I actually didn’t do the last 800 because in the latter half of the workout, my left achilles started screaming at me. So I took myself out for the last interval – the last thing I want is an injury that I could have knowingly prevented. Some ice, ibuprofen and a day of rest and it’s feeling 95%!

I think it was because a) I’m out of shape and b) I was wearing my flats which are hard on the calves but, nonetheless, I went out an bought a (needed) new pair of runners which I wore for my tempo workout on Thursday!

Am loving the turquoise! I did 2 miles warmup and 3 miles at 7:30min/mi pace. Felt better than last week…which is encouraging! 🙂

This morning I did 5 miles of active recovery and some strength training – squats (I probably won’t be able to walk tomorrow), push-ups and planks. Abby slept in her bed next to the treadmill until I was done on it…at which time she promptly got out of her bed and lay down on the treadmill…the WARM treadmill. She’s not dumb.

Happy Friday!!


7 thoughts on “Anyone want to post bond? Abby’s in jail. Plus some running.

  1. Cathy

    Ohhhhh Abby. This was Miley too for awhile due to her separation anxiety. The whole house was dog proofed every time we went out. Can you give her a long lasting treat before you go to distract her?


    1. 50statecanuck Post author

      Sigh. I have yet to find an appropriate long lasting teeth that a) she doesn’t destroy and ingest in 4 minutes or b) that doesn’t break her teeth. I am slightly worried it’s separation anxiety and not just that she is mad at me…


      1. Cathy

        Have you tried a black Kong? Miley is a super-chewer too and hasn’t destroyed them. I used to fill it with her kibble, or broken cookies or frozen canned food.


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