Anyone want a slightly used wiener dog? Training 2017 and my key ingredient.

No joke, over the weekend I sent a message to the breeder I got Abby from 8.5 years ago and asked her if it was too late to return her. And I was part serious.

I left her for TEN MINUTES yesterday morning…TEN MINUTES. And when I came back, she met me on the stairs, looking guilty, with feathers coming out of her mouth. I was confused. The only place I have feathers in my house is my down duvet…

In TEN MINUTES and she chewed a hole through my duvet cover and chewed right INTO THE DUVET. WHY?????? To say I was angry would be an understatement.

The breeder laughed and told me that the window to return her had long expired and my parents declined my offer of a slightly used wiener dog. So I’m stuck with her.

Oh yeah, did I mention that she chewed up a blanket last Tuesday as well?

While talking to my mom yesterday, she said, “You know Jane, while you were in Africa, Abby had your father’s undivided attention. She had her own lazy-boy (seriously) and knew that anytime she wanted, she could get belly rubs and treats. She’s back in reality now and doesn’t like it”.

Yes, apparently living with me is like being in a concentration camp.

After some time apart, we reconciled last night and had some cuddles in front of the TV. But I have a feeling this issue we’re having is far from over…

Last Thursday night, TG (The Giant) was over with Dolly. The two furballs follow me EVERYWHERE I go in the house. This is them…as I’m coming out of the bathroom! Really? I was gone 2 minutes!!

Saturday morning was hockey…the usual madness all over the pitch. Awesome madness.

And Sunday morning, I woke earlier than planned and wanted to get my long run done…but at 6:30am, it was dark, foggy and really damp…so I wussed out and did my LR on my TM. lol

I’ve finished watching Sons of Anarchy…SUCH A GOOD SHOW. And have now started House of Cards. OMG. Has anyone else watched it? The level of evil is incredible!!

Last week was our first real week back on the track. And our team is KILLER big & good this year!

And my god, I am out of shape compared to 2 years ago. The workout was 4×400, 2×800, 4×400…and when I compared my splits to 2 years ago, I was like…

So I have some work today. But that’s ok…gives me motivation.

I have a race in 2 weeks in New Orleans…will cross off Louisiana from my state list…but in terms of performance, it will strictly be treated as a long slow run…because that is how it’s going to turn out. lol

I have signed up for the Mississauga half marathon in May – this is the race that I PR’d on 2 years ago (breaking a PR I had set something like 7 years earlier)…so I’m going back again with the hopes of PR’ing again…but I HAVE WORK TO DO!!!

And I’m ready to do it. This is my overall weekly schedule for training. Will be training by heart rate again – hence the zones. And, although not listed but a vital part, this training plan includes at least 8 hours of sleep per night. I know this is crucial for me.

Meanwhile…Abby is planning the next non-food item she is going to eat in my house.

img_2653Happy Monday!!

10 thoughts on “Anyone want a slightly used wiener dog? Training 2017 and my key ingredient.

  1. Movin' it with Michelle

    OMG. So much Sammy in this post too…he’s 9 now, and I still can’t leave him “free” in the house for even a minute or he will EAT/CHEW something to show his anger that we left him. Now, with Brian gone, he’s taken to NOT going in his kennel and just sitting perched on the couch while I holler at the top of my lungs, “SAMMY KENNEL UP!!!!” He’s secretly laughing at me as I drag him in to his kennel. Quite the “Prince” indeed. They’d be a cute match!! LOL!



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