When your house feels like a zoo, serving crack (bacon) to your guests and an early winter wonderland!

Yesterday, my dad and I set a new record. For the first time in 38 years, we had to go up to the cottage and shovel off the roof BEFORE Christmas. But, to keep with some traditions, when my dad went to take my pic, I immediately became an 8 year old girl. Pure silliness.

img_0964And it didn’t stop there…

img_0957img_0959img_0960Anyway, despite my antics, we got the job done!

5264b461-5479-4f64-8e93-7b3fd284ef59And my snowshoes got their first use of the season!

0bbacdf8-34c8-4a74-a2c7-25c2cfd41661Ok, so I haven’t posted in a while and the reason being that my dabbling in crossfit led to my getting injured. VERY injured. I don’t want to go into details because, quite seriously, it still makes me ill to my stomach and it is still far from healed. But, the short of the long is that I had a mishap on a box jump and my shin, at very high speed and force, met with the edge of a wooden box jump….on a downward angle. While I encourage others to do crossfit, I have never been that injured from doing ANYTHING else and so I’m just going to put a check mark next to the sport (been there, done that) and move on.

So this past weekend TG was in town…with Dolly. OMG. It is a ZOO with her and Abby. I’m going to share a few photos and caption them appropriately…

“Hi, I know it’s 3am, but is there any room up there for me by any chance?”


“What about room for just my head?”


“…and maybe my front legs and shoulders?”


“There, see?! There IS room for me!”


“Come on guys, you NEED to make room for me, too!”


“Um, could we chat…maybe with me on the couch next to you?”


“It’s a lazy Saturday, right?”


We (the humans) went to my neighbourhood Christmas party on Saturday night. Everyone brings an appetizer to share and drinks of their choice. Every year I bring a bacon themed appetizer and this year was no exception and it might have even rivaled last year’s Bacon Fried Mozzarella Sticks. This year, I brought what is called, no joke, Maple Bacon Crack. And I’m not kidding you, it is AMAZING.

bb67b97b-fd31-44da-9612-25cf31c7e4ddIt may not look that appetizing but TRUST ME. People were hounding me for the recipe and I brought some to my parents (I think it was almost better re-heated!!) last night and they were pretty much drooling after their first bite.

We’ve had quite a bit of snow in the past week…and it has been SOOOO cold. This was on this morning’s walk…-30C/-22F…and all she wanted to do was stop and eat chunks of ice!! Such a weirdo!!


This was her “galloping” through fresh snow…


Happy Monday!!

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