Pickle + bacon = love. Power lifting before dawn and Abby.

This is love.

0c7ab7e8-fa0d-4706-bb72-662c34b499b3The Giant (TG) and I went out for lunch on Sunday to this AMAZING bagel shop…if you’ve never had Montreal-style bagels, you have not lived. I don’t have a pic of my bagel sandwich because it was after my long run and I probably could have eaten my whole arm so there was no way in hell I was going to pause to take a pic. In addition to incredibly delicious bagels and sandwich insides, they are served with the best dill pickle spear ever. After I inhaled both my sandwich and pickle, TG GAVE ME HIS PICKLE SPEAR AND SOME OF THE BACON from his sandwich. This is love. lol

TG was in town for the weekend. Along with Dolly.

da7404c8-32bd-47df-99a7-02f24c11c7d1Dolly loves me and being at my house and Abby. Abby is not overly enthused by any of it, but we saw some progress and hope that they might be friends one day…Abby allowed Dolly to share the sunshine with her yesterday afternoon…

img_0718Yes, she was on a different side of the bed, yes, she had her back to Dolly, but this was progress!!

Saturday morning I had hockey…I have no pictures because, my team wouldn’t let me leave the turf…reason being that within the first 15 minutes I had already had a hat trick…by the end of the game I had scored 8 (!!!) goals. The final score of the game was 10-2. Oh, and did I tell you that I was the only girl? Boo-yah, boys!! lol

Saturday night I organized a party for one of the guy’s on my hockey team (and president of our club) who turned 60 a few weeks ago.

img_0716I made cupcakes…with dinosaurs on them…because he’s old like a dinosaur! lol!!

Before we went, I took a pic of me and TG…well, kinda…


Remember, I’m not a shorty at 5’8!!

As for my workouts…last week I had crossfit on Monday evening, ran 10k with the team Tuesday night, crossfit on Wednesday evening, ran with the team on Thursday. And then did my long run on Sunday – 9 miles. I took this pic yesterday on our run…

img_0717Beautiful, eh?

And then, no joke, this was this morning on my way home from my 6am (!!!) crossfit class…


Oh, hello winter.

As for crossfit…I really wish I had pics of this because I still can’t believe I’m doing some of these movements…this morning, I did about a million of these (well, except not with NEARLY as much weight!!! or that outfit lol)


TG and Dolly left last night and Abby enjoyed sprawling in her normal way on the bed…

612d6ad9-4c4c-4e52-80b8-834039a3c42c…No shame with her, eh?!!

Happy Monday!!

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