The comedy is over…WE WON!!!! Dabbling in a new sport (& hurting for it), kitchen time and Abby the non-fan.

Um, guys, WE WON THE GREY CUP!!!

Here is our 41 year old (!!!) quarterback winning game MVP (he was league MVP last year)

Taken from the warmth and comfort of my home…although I would have killed to have been in Toronto to see this in person!!!

And let’s just ignore the silly mounties in the background who are apparently not allowed to crack a smile…so cheesy Canadian! lol

It was THE MOST INSANE GAME EVER. We went in as the COMPLETE underdogs against the Calgary Stampeders who were practically undefeated this season. By halftime we were up 27-7. But then, in true Redblack fashion, we completely threw it away in the third quarter and by the end of the fourth quarter, Calgary had tied it up 33-33 and we were GOING INTO OVERTIME!!!

I could barely breathe I was so nervous!! How did a 3 year old expansion team make it to their second Grey Cup in a row and THEN IN OT against the, by far, strongest team in the league??

And then we did the impossible. We won 39-33 in OT.

Our coach hoisting the cup!!

Our coach hoisting the cup!! (The female mountie is going to get reprimanded…I see a slight smile!!)

Ok, so that was the end of my week but I absolutely needed to talk about it first!!

Let’s see…last week…

I got my winter tires put on my car…using the BEST SERVICE EVER – a mobile tire guy who COMES TO MY HOUSE, changes my tires in about 15 minutes and charges $30.

I don’t know why more of these mobiles services don’t exist or why ANYONE is taking their car to a garage to get it done and to pay much more!!

I’ve started dabbling in some crossfit…in order to be allowed to actually take the classes at the gym near my house, you have to go through 6 individual sessions with the owner…I don’t have any pics because I’m literally just getting my ass kicked for an hour. Last week I had a 1 hour session on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. I’m hurting.

On Tuesday & Thursday I ran with my team…easy 6 miles each day…with some planking in the middle lol

Thursday night, The Giant was in town and we made Ham & Cheese Sliders

OMG. Soooo good!

And then we relaxed and watched GOT…

…everyone relaxed…

Saturday morning was field hockey…we didn’t have any subs…I could barely breathe by the end.

I tried out this new recipe Saturday night…Taco Past Salad

And I will DEFINITELY be making it again!!!

Sunday morning was a 10 mile run in “warm” winter temps…longest run I have done in FOREVER…it kinda killed me. lol

Then I spent Sunday getting stuff done around the house…

Xmas lights went up

Put up some xmas decorations in the house. I really don’t put many up…and they all have to be up above snout level…

Made Shepherds Pie…

Base layer

Base layer

Ready to go in the oven!

Ready to go in the oven!

And then Banana Chocolate Chip (with peanut butter) muffins…

And THEN I finally sat down and watched the game…OF THE CENTURY!!!

While I was literally on the edge of my seat for the entire game, this is how excited Abby was…literally, these are the positions she was in for the almost 4 hour game.

She is hilarious!!

Happy Monday!!!




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