Snowmageddon football mania, Abby’s new (giant) friend, and the way to my heart…

Um, remember how my football team, the Ottawa Redblacks, were the laughing stock of the the CFL (and definitely of my blog)? And then last year, they somehow got to the Grey Cup (the Canadian version of the Super Bowl)?

Well, yesterday, my dad and I found ourselves going to the game that decided who was going to 2016 Grey Cup from the Eastern division…

(Oh yeah, and winter arrived yesterday as well.)

Ummm, I can barely believe it buuuut…

My boys are going back to Grey Cup!!!!! Well worth sitting in that insane weather for almost 4 hours!!!

Saturday morning was started with a fast-paced game of field hockey…yours truly scored 3 goals…but I also screwed up 3 GREAT passes from teammates at the net so my effectiveness might have been neutral! lol

Then I headed out to the Giant’s house for the night. This is the new man in my life. He’s 6’9. And it would take a lot more than a strong gust of wind to knock him over…hence, the name, “The Giant”. And yes, he knows I call him this. lol

He is an animal lover and has his own dog as well…introducing Abby and his was a little nerve racking because a) Abby can been a total lunatic and act like she’s a vicious pit bull and b) his dog could literally eat Abby in 2 bites. But, they have decided they tolerate, if not like, each other. His dog’s name is Dolly (oh, and this was taken the day before Armageddon struck lol).

We took these two nut bars out on a walk on Saturday – hours before Armageddon (the real first blast of winter for the season). The Giant lives in another city, about an hour from me…it’s GORGEOUS where he lives.

Then I cuddled with Dolly…seriously, I think she’s a bigger suck than Abby!!

Dolly basically just wants to cuddle with me at all times…well, except when there is food being cooked…then both dogs ditch me…

And yes, The Giant knows the way to my heart…he cooked me this for breakfast….

AND, gave me most of it.

This is how Abby is dealing with the current Armageddon:

And yes, this is what I woke up to this morning.

Happy Monday!!

2 thoughts on “Snowmageddon football mania, Abby’s new (giant) friend, and the way to my heart…

    1. 50statecanuck Post author

      Do you not have any snow yet? I already can’t remember what it’s like to not be in winter!! lol

      I think Dolly would be best buds with Abby if she let her…Abby is a bit of a lone ranger with other dogs…I think she knows only humans provide her with her food! lol!!! But at least she doesn’t think Dolly is a dog to fight with!!!!



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