When he wants you back, my next state race has been decided! and Abby in the morning.

See that wall o’ leaves? I feel like they are literally lined up to get into my yard…
…and make me rake the yard AGAIN!I know, I really have the tiniest backyard ever, I shouldn’t complain but STILL, l feel targeted by the leaves…like they are conspiring against me! lol

Last week, one of my best friends, Bobby was in town for work. We’ve been best friends since like, grade 10. We lived together in university and I was a groomswoman at his wedding. He works as a territory sales manager at a new brewery just outside of Toronto and was in Ottawa last week to talk to LCBO locations about carrying his product as well as the Craft Brewery…you know, that bar I seem to go to EVERY week lol…so obviously I met up with him there.

No joke, when I walked in, the first waitress who saw me was like, ‘Oh, hey, Jane! Great to see you!”

*cue the theme song to Cheers*

Had a good visit with Bobby…and he gave me some NEW beer to try…so new it doesn’t even have labels on the tins yet!!

All last week I battled a cold…and by Saturday morning I thought I had it under control and headed out to hockey. Yeah, 5 minutes in my lungs were ON FIRE and I had that taste of blood in my mouth. UGH. So I pulled myself off the turf and resigned myself to just taking pics of the game…

Ok, totally switching topics here…Yesterday I got the chance to feel vindicated. In the spring I was dating this guy who suddenly broke up with me. Without really any reason. I was upset not because my heart was broken (it really wasn’t) but because I just didn’t understand why and felt that the way he did it (through text) was insulting.

Well, he came crawling back. Apologizing and then asking for a second chance. And I got the chance to say a) I forgive you and b) you’re too late, I’m now with someone else who treats me like a queen.

Excerpts from his novel like texts yesterday lol

Boo-yah! lol

Ok, so it’s no secret that I’ve been struggling to run…and I use that term loosely because I haven’t really been all that distressed over the not running – I truly needed a mental and physical break from training and I had a lot of stuff going on in my life over the past few months that made it so running HAD to take a back seat.

But, I’ve been feeling better in terms of life stuff and this weekend, for the first time in a long time, felt the motivation come back sooooooo….

NEW ORLEANS!!!!!! February 5th is race day – I would LOVE for others to join me there that weekend!!

This is the scene I opened my eyes to this morning…

And as soon as the click of my camera sounded, this is what appeared in front of my screen…

“Hi, mom! Is it time for breakfast?? Please?!”

Happy Monday!!

4 thoughts on “When he wants you back, my next state race has been decided! and Abby in the morning.

  1. Chris

    Nice post!

    Great that he realized what a mistake he had made!

    I ran that race the first year it became the RnR New Orleans (it used to be I think the Crescent City Marathon?). While it is always fun to visit New Orleans save your eating and drinking for after the race and realize there are NO hills there. The hardest part of the course is that the roads were torn up with potholes and disrepair as they had not been fixed since Hurricane Katrina went through and devastated parts of the city. Granted that was a number of years ago so they might be fixed by now. Good luck!


    1. 50statecanuck Post author

      No hills?? That’s like music to my ears!!! I really appreciate RnR races because I always find them so well organized!! Hmmm…I’ll try and save the eating and drinking for after the race but I’m not making myself any promises!! lol!!!



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