Football laughs, the Tower of Rings…and Abby continues to run my life.

Oh, it’s been a while since my Redblacks were a guaranteed comedy act…in many ways I miss that. And so, to end the regular season, the staff of my football team decided to give me an early Christmas present.

Going into Friday’s game, we had already clinched the top spot in the east, an opening round playoff bye and home field for the division final. In other words, this game didn’t mean ANYTHING…so, they rested all our regular players and, no joke, put on the field a roster that included 5 players who had never seen regular-season CFL action!!! Ba-hahahahaha. It was a gong show. And, despite temperatures requiring me to wear my parka and a blanket, I still had my customary tallboy ofย water beer Bud!

Saturday morning marked the first week of winter hockey – and we had such a great group of people out that I completely forgot to take pics until I was pulling out of the parking lot!!

However, my body is aching from the game…using a whole bunch of muscles I haven’t used since my last game in August!!

For lunch on Saturday I went to The Works…pretty much the best burger joint around!! We started off with their Tower of Rings…

And then I had their “Loaded Lucy” burger with a side of their Bold Slaw (spicy!)…

…that patty is stuffed with cheese all melted into wonderfulness!!

Then it was back to my place for a few hours of laying on the couch, watching movies, letting our systems digest all that! And SOMEONE was NOT impressed that we didn’t bring her back anything! I got the stink eye. And a lot of it! lol

Speaking of Abby and stink…that creature, until yesterday (knock on wood!) had brutal diarrhea for the last week. What from?? Well, I’m attributing it to the dead (and likely rotten) mouse she ate last weekend!

Let me tell you, when you’re lying in bed and THIS, that is lying next to you, has bad gas…

It’s deadly. So deadly that even SHE gets up and moves away!! lol

Did some cleaning up in the backyard…I don’t know how people with large yards do it! This nearly killed me! lol

And then I baked Manicotti yesterday…so easy and so good!

I ran on the TM this morning…4 miles…while Abby did what Abby does best. lol

Happy Monday!!

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