Wedding fun, Abby being Abby, and some (minor) DIY stuff!

Just over a week ago, a friend of mine, Jenn, got married, in a very private ceremony (her fiance, his son, her mother, sister and his mother and her partner) and she wore a blue dress. Then a week later, last Friday, they threw a party for all their friends. I love these types of weddings.

This is me and the bride…how beautiful is she??!!

And then me and two girlfriends of mine…

And, if you know me at all, you know I hate cake. But let me tell you, the woman who made Jenn’s cake-balls is a witch…because I LOVED them!!! (ok, it was probably because the ones I ate were stuffed with cookie dough lol!!!)

Saturday morning found me, at home, and realizing that I had the whole weekend to do…WHATEVER I FELT LIKE DOING. It has been weeks…maybe months, since that has happened. So, of course I started immediately on house work…groceries, errands, and, please, let this be the last time I tell you this for 2016…

Mowed the lawn. The lawn mower is now at the back of my garage, tightly packed in with patio furniture, so even if the grass grows, I’m done! lol

The leaves and weather were ah-maaaaaaaaaazing on Saturday! Although, as you can clearly tell by her expression, Abby was NOT impressed with my making her stop and sit still so I could take pics!

Ok, now that I look at this pic, it is the weirdest thing! All the leaves on the trees are green like in the summer and on the ground they’re the beautiful fall colours…I don’t understand!! lol

Saturday night I lay on the couch and caught up on trash tv. It was amazing. And I was in good company…

Oh, but before we say, “Ohhhh, what a cutie” let me explain that this idiot might have been dead to the world because she had a sore tummy…you would too if you had chewed up and eaten an ENTIRE CD.

I. Have. No. Idea. As I said…idiot.

Sunday turned into a bit of a DIY day…I changed all the hardware on my kitchen cabinets and drawers! Guys. Listen. I had to use my drill.

Here is the “before” shot (sigh…I forgot to take one until I had already started!!)

And here is the after!

Am sooooo proud of myself!! I’ll be honest, I had to facetime with my bro a few times for some tips!

And another thing I learned…if you have a heat stain on your lovely wood table like I did…

You can get rid of it…but using an iron and tea towel!!! It’s like magic!

What did we do before google?????????? lol

Ok, can we talk about my running for a second here? The MAIN reason I’m not really running…and haven’t been for the last 2.5 months…is that Abby’s meds make it so I never sleep through the night. A good night, she wakes me only once…sometimes 4 times…so she can go out to pee. It’s legit. Prednisone does this to you.

So I feel like a walking zombie…and then combined with a little bit of lack of motivation, I CANNOT pull myself out of bed in the morning to run.

But, Abby’s meds were decreased last week and I feel like she might be getting close to sleeping through the night. FINGERS CROSSED. If that happens, then I hope I’ll be able to get myself running again. Stay tuned! Until then you get to see pics of Abby and my DIY projects! lol

Happy Monday!!

3 thoughts on “Wedding fun, Abby being Abby, and some (minor) DIY stuff!

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  2. Anna @ Piper's Run

    It’s hard having your sleep interrupted…as I parent I totally get this and wonder how I function some days! I mowed our lawn this weekend too, praying it’s the last time I have to do that! That wedding sounds like a lot of fun…and cake-balls – genius!


    1. 50statecanuck Post author

      Right?? I feel like a single mother…of a perpetual 2 year old!! lol Much respect to you moms!!!

      I would like to not mow the grass again…but for snow not to come!! I’m not asking too much, right?? lol

      Liked by 1 person


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