Turkey, bacon & family love – what else do you need?

Canadian Thanksgiving was this past weekend which for me meant a weekend of family love!

I just love these two so much – my nephew, Jackson, who turns 5 this week and my niece, Jillian, who is almost 18 months.

My parents and I left Ottawa Friday morning…I feel like a child on these drives…except that I’m quarreling with my mother, instead of my brother, over seating arrangements…

My mom thinks it’s acceptable to recline her seat fully back…into my knees. My dad, smartly, just ignores us.

And, when traveling with my parents, there is no such thing as stopping quickly to grab lunch at a fast food joint (I don’t know about you, but that is something I LIVE for on road trips!!). No, with them, we have to drive into a small town on the way and eat at a proper sit down establishment. For this weekend, it was Perth’s Crossroad’s Tea Room. And this creepy lady greets you as you enter…

And this is how your food is served to you…

It’s like being in a different century. But I will say the food is very good!

Our destination is a quaint resort 4 hours north-west of Ottawa – this is our 4th year up there for Thanksgiving. I stay in a cabin with my brother and his family, right on the water…the sunrises are to die for.

And trust me, when you’re living with Jackson and Jillian, they’ll make sure you don’t miss a sunrise!!

We had some fun & busy moments…

Celebrating Jackson’s upcoming birthday – obviously I got him hockey gear!!

Going to the pumpkin patch…

And managing to escape its corn maze despite the not quite 5 year old being our navigator!

The pumpkin canon never gets old!

But we also had some quiet moments to share time together…

And can I tell you how proud of myself I was for being able to get pigtails in a squirmy baby!!

Seriously, how cute is this pic!!!!!!?????

But I honestly think we spend most of our time eating…good lord this place has good food. First of all, while I don’t have a pic, breakfast was always a buffet that included deep trays of bacon…endless bacon. Mmmmmmm.

This was dinner the first night…steak with mouth watering mashed potatoes….

The second night I tried their wild boar…and again, opted for what I now realize are highly addictive mashed potatoes…

Sadly, I dove into my turkey too quickly on Sunday and forgot to take a pic!! But rest assured, there were mashed potatoes!! lol

Up until this weekend, Jillian had just been your run of the mill baby…hadn’t yet shown her personality. But since I last saw her in July, she has changed so much and we had such a good time interacting with her – this was one of her favorite tricks!

It never got old – especially once we discovered you could say any animal and you’d get the same response!

This week I’m hoping to figure out what I’m doing with my running…stay tuned…although be prepared for status quo! lol!

Happy Tuesday!

7 thoughts on “Turkey, bacon & family love – what else do you need?

  1. Kelly

    Those kids are so cute! I’ve been keeping an 18 month old girl in the nursery at church. They are so much fun at that age! Glad you had a good holiday!



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