Closing time, pharmacy chez Jane, and a Mac ‘n Cheese bust!

Let’s just start with this pic I took yesterday…

It was a bitter sweet day. Was up at one of my happy places, the cottage, but was up there to help my parents close it up for the year. Didn’t we just open it?!?! Sigh.

I went to my dad’s retirement party last Wednesday – it was an amazing celebration of an incredible career and during the reception, I was lined up with my mom to get a drink when I saw the bartender and was instantly thrown back to high school. The bartender looked just like my friend Matt – like, when he was 19 years old. I haven’t seen Matt since high school – he was in a band and music was his life and from what I hear, still is. It was a fun memory…until the bartender looked at me and said, “Hi Jane!”.

The first words out of my mouth were, “HOW THE HELL DO YOU STILL LOOK 19?!” Matt laughed and said, “I know, right? I still get carded. And you know that I have lived life fast and hard so there is no reason for it!”. He’s still playing music and traveling all over the place with his band, has a son, and works for a catering company during the day. Oh, and drinks the sweet nectar from the Fountain of Youth apparently.

Abby and I ended up at the vet, unexpectedly, Friday morning. Sigh. We have been there far too many times in the past 8 months. This time it was because Abby had had diarrhea all week that I just couldn’t get under control. $230 later, the vet thinks Abby has picked up a bacteria/parasite and, with apologies, sent us home with 3 more medications.

It’s like an Abby pharmacy at my house and I almost need a degree for remembering when to administer them all! She’s on a strict diet of rice and ground beef for the next little while – and that bowl below has 5 medications in it (2 of them are powders). It’s insane. But, good news is that she is doing much better!

You can see that her hunger has not been affected at all!

Friday night I went to the “Mac My Cheese Fest” – an event being touted as the “ultimate ooey gooey awesomeness…featuring gourmet, exotic and traditional Mac & Cheese”. Yeah, it was a TOTAL bust.
The way I would run an event like this would be to have multiple food trucks (who specialize in Mac & Cheese) serving up their special mac & cheese dishes in small portion sizes and charging prices that would allow people to sample MULTIPLE different vendors’ goods…right?? Am I the only one who thinks this way? It sure felt like that! At this event, this is how it went down…

  1. Sold in not sample size portions
  2. Charged ridiculous prices (the item below with the forks cost $14!!!!!!
  3. 40% of the food trucks weren’t even selling Mac & Cheese
  4. The dish we got was REVOLTING. Noodles, thin tasteless white sauce, with shredded cheddar (if even that) and some bacon thrown on top. And yes, I just said that a dish with bacon in it was revolting!!

The spring rolls we got (deep fried cheese curds inside) were good…but um, they are not Mac & Cheese which is what the festival was about.

So we didn’t stay long and headed over to a local brewery for better food and some drinks…I started off with something different…

Beer Sangria. Not too bad.

Saturday morning I did 10 miles with the girls. Some of them did a 5k to start with – I cheered and took pics lol. This is us after the race before heading out.

One of the girls, Jill, designs, sews and sells baby clothes. FG bought some items and arranged for Jill to bring them to the race…which she did and FG, without a thought, carried the goods on our run and it didn’t seem to bother her one bit. She is seriously a beast. lol

Sunday morning I headed up to the cottage to, as I said earlier, help my parents close it up for the season. The leaves are starting to turn and while cool and a little depressing, it sure is peaceful and beautiful up there!

Closing up involves lots of little things, but some of the bigger chores are:

  1. Getting the motor off the boat and into the car (this year my 75 year old father admitted that it would be safer for me to do the carrying and heaving lifting),
  2. Draining and taking apart the water system (if we don’t, the pipes will freeze and burst) – this is all done under the cottage in dirt, cobwebs and basically crouching room only!
  3. Putting ALL plates, cups, bowls, cutlery, into big Rubbermaid containers. If we don’t do this, the mice (which invariably enter the cottage for shelter in the fall/winter) will have parties all over the dishes and we have to HAND WASH ( no dishwasher up there) every item. And it’s a pain in the a$$! The Rubbermaid containers are a lot of work, but still better!!

Just in case you’re worried about Abby…as you can see, everything is as it normally is with her! lol

Happy Monday!!


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