Finding some peace, Big Macs & Cheeseburgers, and Abby’s hunting success!

I’m doing better this week than I have in a long time. I’m not sure if it’s going to stay like this, but it feels good not to be on the verge of tears all the time. How did it happen? Well, partly it’s the healing hands of time…but it’s also because I have amazing friends.

Last week, two of my colleagues (who are also very close friends – convenient that I get to spend my work days with them, too!!), said they were taking me out…on a Thursday night…when we had to work the next day. Seemed like a great idea at the time…except this is where we went.

Yeah, to say that Friday was painful is an understatement. And when I feel that bad, the only thing I want to eat is…

Would you believe me if I told you in there is a Big Mac and 2 cheeseburgers…all of which I ate in about 5 minutes. #truth lol

Friday night was a Redblacks game…and I know it’s hard to believe, but I don’t have anything comedic (negative) to say about them! They actually played relatively well…and won!!

The other weird thing about the game is that I didn’t have a beer…yeah, stomach was definitely not yet ready for that again! lol

Saturday morning I reunited with my teammates. I hadn’t been out for a training run with them since…well, not since July I think. I was a little bit nervous that I would be faced with tons of questions about how I was doing, if I was ok, etc. all of which I just don’t want to answer right now. But you know what? They just knew. They saw me, they gave me smiles and hugs and just told me how great it was to see me. And then we just ran. ‘Cause that’s what we do.

I also haven’t been running all that much in general so I told them that I might cut off early if need be…but I didn’t. I did the 13 miles with them…and it felt fabulous. It also helped that the weather was amazing…and the city I get to run in is gorgeous.

But let me tell you…my stomach was still angry with me for Thursday night and 13 miles did NOT help sooooo….

2 cheeseburgers and a milk had to be consumed. I don’t know what it is, but I have ALWAYS loved McDonald’s milk – it’s like it’s the PERFECT temperature!

I had had plans for the weekend – the theme of my life lately has been STAY BUSY. But that night out with friends and run with my teammates had given me some peace that I had so been seeking. And so I canceled my plans and stayed home and took care of chores that I had been neglecting (PLEASE let that be the last time I have to cut the grass this season!!)…and I finished staining a bookcase! It started off looking like this…


…and now looks like this!!

I have to stain the bed next and then take care of some new artwork and then I’ll try and take pics of the whole room…I stupidly didn’t take before pics!!

My running coach had a bad bicycle accident a week ago Sunday and found himself needing a full replacement of the head of his femur. He was in hospital for all of last week and was NOT a happy camper. But he had a rotating door of fit women coming to visit him which had the nurses completely puzzled lol. I went to see him on Thursday with one of my teammates…he was so happy to see us!

So on a street near my house there lives a man with a terrible temper…and the sight of dogs near his lawn SETS. HIM. OFF. He has physically assaulted a neighbour of mine when her 4 pound chihuahua stepped on his lawn. That’s how crazy he is. Which means I shouldn’t be that surprised that he has a fake vicious snake on his lawn, right?

That changes places EVERYDAY!!!  
Liiiiiike, who does he think he’s scaring away?? #weirdo

And last, but never least, we have Abby. A dog breed who was/is bred to be ferocious hunters of viscous badgers. And yet, this is what my Abby “hunts” out of the grass.

Seriously. Remember when she found a butter tart in the grass? Well this weekend she found an ENTIRE MUFFIN in the grass. How does that happen??!!

Last week I felt like I wasn’t making any progress in getting back to my normal self…but this week I’m feeling like I have a little bit more control…and a little bit more motivation in general. Thanks for being there for me.

Happy Tuesday!

7 thoughts on “Finding some peace, Big Macs & Cheeseburgers, and Abby’s hunting success!

      1. Kelly

        It was really good for us to get away for a few days. We got to visit with some old friends, play outside a lot and fill up on yummy shrimp and grits. Charleston is a neat place to visit if you ever get the chance. You would really enjoy it.
        Give Abby a hug for me! 💚


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