Mysterious selfless act of kindness, Jelly Belly challenge and the Beer Run.

In some ways I want to solve this mystery, and in other ways, I kinda don’t. I got home Sunday morning from the cottage and as I was unpacking my car, a small truck pulled up in front of my house…and out popped a man carrying a bouquet of flowers. I was just about to tell him, literally, that he had the wrong house, when he said, “Jane? These are for you”. I was completely baffled and surprised. I accepted the flowers and headed inside…

When I read the card, I immediately burst into tears. What an incredibly thoughtful thing to do…and when I asked the people I assumed it was from, they have all denied it. So either it’s someone else or they are just being very selfless and doing a purely good deed and not looking for anything in return. Either way, I feel extremely lucky. Whoever you are, THANK YOU.

I was up at the cottage for Saturday day and night – weather wasn’t great, but we had my aunt (visiting from Toronto) and my cousin up for the day which was fun. And I brought the most hilarious “game” up for us to play.

You spin the dial and whatever jelly belly colour it lands on, you have to pick it out and eat it…but it could taste like, for example, the orange one: Peach or Barf. And trust me, it tastes like Barf.I have never laughed so hard in my life. Here is my cousin learning whether she got the Chocolate Pudding or Canned Dog Food:

I literally learned what stinky socks tastes like this weekend. lol

I came back into the city Sunday morning because I was participating in Ottawa’s Annual Beer Run. This is my third time doing it – and with the same group each year. It’s hilarious. We started down at the Lowertown Brewery and had our “free beer” – this is me and @kyledesormeaux (who, fyi, is debuting in the marathon distance this October with a goal time of 2:35. Sick, eh? He’s a speedy one!)

Then we had our longest “run” of 5k to the next brewery – Tooth & Nail.

Now, let’s be clear here…the running is a jog…and chaotic with 125 people per wave of runners…no streets are closed down so we’re completely disrupting traffic and pedestrians and cyclists. But we don’t care – we want our beer! lol

Then it was on to the Kichessipi and Big Rig breweries

And we finished off at the Beyond the Pale brewery

Where I met up with @rebeccaruns as well! 🙂

It was nice to be out with good friends, with good beer and good weather! 🙂

Hope you all had a good weekend, and thank you for, from the bottom of my heart, for the love that you showed me last week. It was overwhelming…in a good way.

Happy Monday!

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