Trying to forget…

First of all, I want everyone to know that Abby is ok. She is on a boat load of meds, but is relatively stable & normal…as you can see lol

And continues to preside over the ‘hood with her loyal subjects…

As for me….I’m ok. But August is a month I would like to forget. I’m working hard to forget it so that I don’t cry, so that I can sleep at night…so that I can laugh again. It’s why I had to go off line. I need my posts and tweets to be honest…genuine…and I just can’t share what I’ve been going through…at least not now. I have an amazing support group here at home, so I haven’t been alone…

I’m still not quite sure I’m ready to jump back into life as I knew it…or as much as it can be as I knew it…but I’m going to try. I started with getting back into running this week….something I pretty much had lost. And today I want to try posting again. One of the things it does is make me take pictures of things that are important to me or beautiful or make me laugh. And I think I need to start looking for those things…finding them…enjoying them again.

So it’s September, right? Here is what my long weekend looked like…

Sunrise in the morning up at the cottage…

Morning paddle…

And sunset…

And a sunset paddle…

(someone had had a long day of swimming and chasing, entirely unsuccessfully, fish)

It was a weekend to try and reset…and the weather certainly helped with that.

On a fun note (’cause god knows this post needs it!), in an effort to distract me from the turmoil, I’ve started staining some furniture in my house…the end goal is to stain my kitchen cupboards, but am testing out the stain and my skill on some cheap Ikea furniture in one of my spare bedrooms…


One coat and 30 minutes later…
img_6696And here is the chair to go with this table (which actually serves as a desk) with two coats on it

Am so proud of myself! lol

Anyway, I wanted to use this post as a way of explaining where I’ve been…for those of you who reached out, concerned, over the past month, I can’t tell you how much that meant to me.

Happy Wednesday 🙂

20 thoughts on “Trying to forget…

  1. Chris

    I am happy to see you and Abby are alright more than anything else. While most of us don’t know what is going on with you I know I’m relieved that you are physically okay. Nice pictures and take care.


  2. runn247

    Hang in there Jane! Life loves to throw us curve balls from time to time if we’re ready for them or not. You’re doing the right thing to get away and recharge. Just know your friends and family are here for you. Glad to see your back out and running too which is great therapy. Have a great week my friend! ~Jim


  3. Jeremy

    I’ve been thinking of you, Jane. These rough times are just a point of reference when things return to goodness. One day at a time.



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