Getting back to normal, some Yin torture and heading into vacay mode!!

Guess what?! I am on vacation next week!! I’m going to stay in town this weekend doing chores around the house and then there’s a Redblacks game on Sunday…then on Monday, I head up to the cottage until Thursday…and I CANNOT wait. No cell reception/internet and no TV means UNPLUGGING…and it is going to recharge my soul and allow me a whole lot of time to do this:

And I must say, this week has been a lot more normal compared the last few weeks.

Abby has been almost sleeping through the night completely which has meant that I’ve been able to get workouts done in the morning…and I’ve been trying to be smart about them.

Monday night I had to go to physio because my glutes were a mess and for obvious reasons – I was running randomly and had not done strength training in a while and stretching was practically non-existent.

So, after a solid 13km run on Tuesday morning, I did a good strength training session on Wednesday

Felt so good to be doing this again.

Then on Thursday morning I did a solo track workout:

3 sets of:
4oom, 2x 200m, 800m
1 min rest between 400s, 200s and 4 mins rest between sets

And then Thursday night I had field hockey…I actually showed up early for once! lol

And that got me another 7km for a total of 19km yesterday.

This morning was definitely a stretching day…so I chose to do my Yin Yoga DVD – the “Hips & Pelvis” segment which I had never done before.

OMG. It was tough.

These stretches normally feel great on my tight hip flexors…but not when you hold them for 3-5 minutes!! Good lord, I was dying!!! lol But my legs felt so much better afterwards.

I started my last day of work, before vacation, with a bike ride with one of my patients.

25km total – 13 of them with my patient (I bike to and from his house). Below is our turn around spot. As a teenage boy, he really doesn’t appreciate this view the way I do!! But I make him stop and stare out over the water for a few minutes anyway! lol

Abby had a decrease in one of her meds this week so am glad I’ll be able to be with her 24/7 next week to keep a close eye on her and be able to catch it quickly if she starts to head in the wrong direction. And how is she handling all this?

As per usual. Very little stress in her life. Which is just the way it should be, right?

As I said, I’m up at the cottage all next week and then away at a a very dear friend’s wedding in Southern Ontario next weekend…lots to update you on when I get back, I’m sure!!

Happy Friday!


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