Heat waves, snow piles and my Abby.

Thank you for all your kinds words over the last few days – Abby is holding steady and my worries, while still present, are feeling less suffocating.

We are having just about the best summer – so, so, so hot and humid. I love it. Saturday’s long run was no exception – met up with some teammates for a lovely 11 miles in the early morning blistering heat.

And so when we passed by a hockey arena and saw a pile of beautiful snow outside on the ground, I don’t think one word was exchanged – we just all changed course and head over to the pile and rolled in it for a few seconds!

After the run I packed up the car and joined my parents up at the cottage.

Abby’s medications make her more sensitive to the heat and sun so, while normally she’d choose to be baking in the sunshine, I set up the umbrella so she could have some shade and still cuddle up to me.

In the late afternoon, with the sun less blazing, she was happy to sit out and survey the lake.

IMG_6061One of the great things about being up at the cottage when my parents are there is that my mom cooks great meals. Saturday night we had delicious Cornish hens on the bbq with hickory chips giving it such a yummy flavor!

While we’re less than an hour from the city, the weather can be so different up there. It was sweltering in the city overnight, but up there it got down to 12C/54F and after an hour’s paddle around the lake in a long sleeve and pants on Sunday morning

I then spent the rest of Sunday morning under a wool blanket reading my book and then in the afternoon, it still wasn’t all that warm,  so I spent my time on the screened in front porch with my mom doing some adult colouring! My mom is obsessed with Jane Austen and her BFF gave her a Jane Austen themed colouring book. This was my masterpiece…seriously, it took me almost 3 hours. I might now have carpal tunnel.

Got back into the city late Sunday afternoon…back into the sweltering temps of the city. God, I love it!! lol

Abby had me up a couple of times Sunday night so when my alarm went off for my run in the morning, I just couldn’t do it. So missed yesterday’s workout. But last night Abby only had me up at midnight so I had more continuous sleep and was able to make it out for my run this morning…and am so happy I was able to – it’s ridiculously gorgeous outside these days! These are taken over on the Quebec side looking across the river on the back of Parliament.

I’ve been doing some major clearing out of my office at home…and yesterday I came across this relic! It was the first GPS I had for running. Probably circa 2003. Seriously, it was soooooo fancy at the time.

And it didn’t at all seem cumbersome to have to wear that honking piece around my arm! The watch still works…need to find some AAA batteries to know if the GPS portion still works! lol

One of the side effects of one of her new drugs is that it can be sedating….

Yeah, I didn’t think Abby could get more sedate, but she is!! But she seems happy so that’s all the matters. I lowered, as per the vet’s instructions, one of her meds today…she has follow-up with him next Thursday to see if she is tolerating this decrease…fingers crossed – this is the drug that has her waking me up throughout the night. Decreasing it would be good for both of us!!

Happy Tuesday!

3 thoughts on “Heat waves, snow piles and my Abby.

  1. ultrarunner2014

    Stellar pic of you guys enjoying the pile of hockey arena snow, that must have felt SO good! It’s not near as hot or humid over here in western Canada. The Cornish game hens look yummy, they are just so tiny though hey? I’m so glad Abby is doing well, and I too had that exact same big, clunky Timex GPS thing. Reminds me of my Sony Walkman CD player I ran with in a large waist pack years ago! 🙂



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