When your best (canine) buddy is down, you can’t run…but you get to judge beer.

I don’t even know what to write here…my mind is such a jumbled mess. I am so tired. And because of that, I’ve been missing more than half of my workouts…which then only makes things worse because I’ve lost that stress reliever. It’s a vicious cycle.

Abby had another seizure last week. So we found ourselves back again with the neurologist yesterday.

While what is going on is very serious, notice that Abby is looking back at the door – waiting for whoever it is that is going to walk in the exam room…but facing the counter where she knows (from previous visits) that there is jar of treats. She doesn’t want to miss either thing. She cracks me up.

But she also has been the cause of so many tears. The recommended treatment is adding more medication…costly medication…with really time-consuming and schedule restricting administration instructions (numerous pills at home and frequent trips to vet for injections). The cost is creeping up so much that the neurologist (who works at the top clinic in Ottawa…and by far the most expensive…some might call it robbery) advised me to get one of her new meds at Costco.

Yup, Abby is now a registered client at its pharmacy. lol

So I’m stressed about the additional meds and their side effects, the restrictive administration routine and, of course, the cost. Plus, it’s all a reminder that Abby is not well. And so far has not responded well to treatment. And that this condition is fatal. But what choice do I have?
I would do anything for her. And other than the seizures, she is her usual self and looks to me to keep her safe.

As it is for many, I find stress relief through physical activity. But I am so tired these days from nights of frequent sleep interruptions, that I can barely do that.

Yesterday I managed to get out in the morning. 7 miles.

Can I tell you how healing this was?

I felt so much better yesterday at work – so much more alive.

And then we went to the neurologist last night.

And I barely slept last night. And so no workout this morning other than hitting snooze a million times.

I have field hockey tonight which I know will do me a world of good. And my plan is to do yoga tomorrow morning. And then, cottage time for the weekend. I so need that.

Ok, fun story to cap off this depressing post…at the family reunion we had our customary “Best Beer” contest. There were 15 submissions and three people were chosen to be the judges. I was one of them…obviously. Winner gets to be in possession of the plastic dinosaur until the next reunion.

We were blinded as to who had submitted each beer and when we revealed the winner, the crowd went nuts when it was my 82-year old aunt who stepped forward to claim the prize!

Such good times with family!

Happy Friday 🙂

21 thoughts on “When your best (canine) buddy is down, you can’t run…but you get to judge beer.

  1. ultrarunner2014

    I am so sorry that you are going through this, and of course you have no choice…you would do anything for her. Love and hugs ~ jade


  2. Chris

    I empathize with what you are going through but no cost is too great (physically or financially) for our pets! I will keep hoping for the best for her and you!


  3. Anna @ Piper's Run

    Sorry to hear about Abby, it’s so hard when they are sick. Unfortunately for us, we just spent a lot of money on vet bills and meds before our dog left us 😦
    I’m glad you got out for a run and hope you can get to field hockey. Love the beer event and your aunt winning!


  4. Cathy

    Hugs my friend. I totally understand that worries of little doggies can be all-consuming. Keep trekking, enjoy the good times and snuggles you have. XO


  5. Ann-Marie

    I am so sorry to hear about Abby. 😦 I totally understand doing everything and anything for our little furry friends. Enjoy the cottage.



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