My weekend included prison time and hanging out with giants.

Warning, I didn’t run once this weekend…so don’t expect any running stories! šŸ™‚

This weekend was our bi-annual family reunion and, as per usual, was sooooo much fun! It was held in Kingston this year (it’s held somewhere different every time) which is a beautiful little city 2 hours away from Ottawa. And, the highlights of my weekend were spending time with my nephew Jackson…

And my niece, Jillian…

Kinda totally ridiculously cute, no?

And let me tell you, I’m not the only one under Jackson’s spell of cuteness. He pretty much ran the show all weekend. And when Jillian starts talking, I’m sure she will too!

My father bought Jackson a wooden toy rifle after his successful training at Kingston’s historic Fort Henry on Saturday morning…

…for hours, literally, he had David play that he was a zombie so that he, Jackson, could shoot him dead with this toy wooden rifle

And then with Alex and Nick (both conveniently lifeguards and swim instructors), he had two perfect pool mates

But really, Nick and Alex can find entertainment just with themselves…

And here is Nick giving his mother an underduck (or underdog is that’s what you call it)

Oh, and I did I tell you that they are each 6’6? They have FINALLY stopped growing. lol

Other than just hanging out and catching up with family members, we did have a group outing to the newly opened tourist attraction…the Kingston Penitentiary.

Opened in 1835 and closed in 2013, this historic (and oddly beautiful) prison has housed some of Canada’s most notorious killers (Clifford Olson, Paul Bernardo and Russel Williams). And what makes this tour all the more impressive is that instead of just having a summer student, who has received 8 hours of training, giving you a tour, you have retired correctional officers who spent some or all of their careers working within these walls.

These tough old men, talked about how terrifying it was, everyday, to walk in through the prison gates as they never knew what would face them that day.

This tank of shanks, taken from another prison in Ontario, gives you some insight on the dangers of working in a prison.

Below is where manual labor took place – the guard on the stairs had some pretty crazy stories to tell as this is where inmates had access to the materials that could be used to make weapons or escape equipment.IMG_5801And when you have a lot of time on your hands, humans can build some pretty impressive things with some toothbrushes and pen casings!The most disturbing part was in the museum where they had, on display, “tools” used to punish prisoners in the late 19th and even 20th century. It was completely barbaric and shocking to me that some of it was still being used just a few years before I was born!

Inmates were tied to this “Triangle” and whipped

IMG_5822Old way of water boarding…prisoners would sit with their heads locked in that lower barrel while water was dumped into it from above. This form of punishment was abandoned after only a few years of use…because too many prisoners were dying during it.

This was the rec yard…

But only in use during the warmer months – during winter, inmates were kept inside. I’m sure that does wonders for moods and aggression.

Anyway – they have tours of this prison happening until October 31st of this year…after that, it will be decided whether they make it an official historic attraction…or whether they tear it down to build condos as it sits on prime real estate. Sigh. I fear it will be the latter. So, if you’re in the area, I strongly recommend getting to it soon!

Random pic…Jackson showing me his “huge muscles”. lol

It was a fantastic weekend, but am looking forward to getting back into the routine of things this week! Happy Monday!!



5 thoughts on “My weekend included prison time and hanging out with giants.

  1. Rebecca

    Oh – I didn’t know that they might tear it down. I might go and see it soon. Actually might be in Kingston on Friday…..

    My family’s BBQ is this weekend – yay fun!



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