Weekend Fun! Football, thunder runs, craft beer and Abby laziness!

One guess as to what she is saying to me here:

If you guessed, “Mom, there’s a humidex of 41C (106F) happening today so I’m going on strike from walking until further notice” you’d be right!!

Last Friday I shocked myself…for 1.8 seconds, I found myself in the crow pose!!

There’s hope!!!! lol

Friday night marked something very special here in Ottawa!!

Yup, the home opener of the Ottawa Redblacks!!!! This is their third year of existence and for those of you just joining, here’s a quick recap:

Year 1: they sucked so bad that we cheered if they just managed to catch the ball! (seriously) They finished bottom in the league. I think they won 1 game that season.

Year 2: somehow they made it all the way to the Grey Cup!!

Year 3: we have some expectations for them going into this season.

Friday’s game was against Calgary and it ended in a tie after overtime (26-26) and, truth be told, Ottawa was lucky…they certainly didn’t deserve to win the game.

Saturday morning we lost our gorgeous summer weather…there was nothing but rain and thunderstorms in the forecast all weekend long. But that doesn’t stop the crazies I run with…

We ran through torrential rain, thunder and yes, a bit of lightning – but none of it was right over our heads…that makes it less stupid, right?

Me and these ladies did 14 miles total (everyone was on different schedules and we three wanted to do a longer run than others). I wanted to take a pic during the torrential rain buuuut, my touchscreen doesn’t work then apparently! lol

Sunday morning I needed to get in 10k to get my weekly mileage to 70km (44 miles)…but someone was NOT making it easy for me to get up off my butt!

I did finally leave that lazy ball of fur but with the weather still pretty bad, I stuck to my treadmill for the 10k and watched me some Sons of Anarchy (just about to finish season 5!!)

Sunday afternoon I met up with FG for some beers – she had been away for work all week so we had DAYS of catching up to do! lol We went to the Craft Beer Market where they have over 100 craft beers on tap. Yes, with a little bacon on the side, I’m in heaven when there. This is the beer that I was drinking on Sunday – it was lovely! 🙂

Monday’s training schedule has an easy 7 mile run on the docket…and normally, if it’s not a team practice, I ALWAYS do my workouts in the morning (as I am an UBER morning person) but not yesterday. No, when I saw that our heat wave was coming back, I skipped the run before work so that I could do my run during the hot part of the day after work!!

It’s like I need to soak in as much heat as possible during the summer in order to make it through the winter!!

It is SO beautiful here in Ottawa right now, I seriously wanted to stop every 5 minutes and take a picture!! But I limited myself to just this one…sigh. lol

On twitter over the past few days there has been an #accentchallenge where you record yourself speaking so that others can hear your accent or, in my case, lack of accent!! lol So I thought I would post my video here as well! It’s always so fun to hear, after reading someone speak for so long, what they actually sound like!

Happy Tuesday!

13 thoughts on “Weekend Fun! Football, thunder runs, craft beer and Abby laziness!

  1. Kyle Desormeaux

    1. They won 2 games.
    2. You got lucky that my team’s starting QB had an ACL injury, the 2nd string QB also injured (shoulder) and so they went back and forth with the 3rd and 4th string QB. For the record, I was signed as 5th string.

    3. They are legit this year!


  2. Anna @ Piper's Run

    We Canadians totally have accents! I spent 3 years in Ontario and got picked on my “Maritimer” accent all the time! I couldn’t say, tournament, tour, or bagel without someone commenting on the way I said it….for three years!
    Great job on the crow pose!


  3. flynnroad

    You lifted your voice when you said accent like you were asking a question, but you were making a statement.

    That’s a Canadian thing, and i picked it up too 😛



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