It’s stupid hot here and so my workouts are awesome…more proof that I’m a defective Canadian!

It’s Thursday already? This is what happens when it’s summer…IT GOES BY FAR TOO QUICKLY!!!

Monday morning I did 7 easy miles along the canal…and really, don’t I live in a beautiful city?

Ok, ok, yeah, let’s just forget about the 6 months of the year where I’m running in an arctic tundra! But seriously, I feel bad for non-morning people…LOOK AT WHAT YOU’RE MISSING OUT ON!!!

Then both Monday night I drove out to Matt’s place and we watched the Australian comedian Jim Jeffries on TV. I haven’t laughed that hard in a long time. But WARNING: He is crude and offensive and it’s definitely not for everyone. Some of his shows are on Netflix right now – has anyone else seen them?

Remember how I said Matt lives a little bit outside of the city? Seriously, it’s like they don’t believe in lights out there!! lol (I am SUCH a city girl!!)

Tuesday evening was team practice with the mile repeats on the rolling hills. It was STUPID hot and coach said that we were only allowed to do 3 repeats. Oh darn! (SARCASM!!!)

So, 4k warm-up, three 1-mile repeats, 4k cool-down. I seriously nearly died. The heat was insane. BUT, let’s be clear…I AM NOT COMPLAINING!! If only it could be like this year round!

After the repeats, coach always has us do 50m strides…can you spot me? (also, two of my teammates had their kids with them so they joined us for the strides!)

After practice, Matt came over and we walked for about an hour around my ‘hood and then watched more Jim Jeffries…and laughed until we cried (and are probably going to hell for it)! lol

Yesterday was my rest day and OMG, my body needed it. It just kinda ached everywhere. To be honest, I think I was dehydrated! It has been amazingly hot here and I know I’m not keeping up right now!

This morning was speed work out on the local high school’s gravel track.

The workout from coach was:

2 sets of 800m, 2x400m, 4x200m

And I managed to screw it up! I forgot about the 200m repeats on the first set!!! Don’t ask me how I did that!! So, I added them on the second set and did 8x200m!

Abby is holding steady…but really, all she does these days is sleep. I think it’s combo of her not being 100% and it just being too damn hot for her. Here is a pic of her when she was on her first long road trip at 3 months of age. See? Right from the start she was ridiculous!Happy Thursday!!!

8 thoughts on “It’s stupid hot here and so my workouts are awesome…more proof that I’m a defective Canadian!

    1. 50statecanuck Post author

      LOL – sometimes I wish I could be a night owl! My gf asked me to go for beers this Saturday night at around 9pm…I told her there was no way I could stay awake that late and THEN go out!! lol!!!

      Liked by 1 person

  1. Ann-Marie

    Found your blog today and as an Ottawa runner was happy to see such beautiful pictures showing her off! 🙂 I hate when people knock Ottawa because it really is a great great city to live (and run!) in! Happy training!



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