After a weekend of pure fun, my Abby takes a step backwards in health.

Abby and I spent a fantastic weekend up at the cottage this past weekend with her acting like a healthy puppy…

…which made it all the more unreal when, Monday morning at 5am, while I was feeding her breakfast, she had a seizure. It was exactly the same as before. I immediately called the Animal Hospital where she had been treated and left a message for the neurologist who called me back as soon as he got into work and booked me in for 2pm. The fact that the neurologist called me back HIMSELF (not one of his minions) was both appreciated and terrifying. This was obviously being taken very seriously.

He examined her and confirmed my fears…she had suffered a relapse. It was to be expected, but I had assumed (hoped?) that it would be a long time from now. As this condition is pretty much a mystery, the course of treatment is a “wait and see game”. He has increased her meds to higher than they have ever been…and the side effects will be horrible for both me and her. I will be losing a lot of sleep over the next few weeks. But, for now, she is stable.

So let’s go back to happier times on the weekend…as I’ve said before, this is my favorite place on earth…especially first thing in the morning, before anyone else is awake and on the lake.

Here is what it’s like…

And apparently it’s tiring being a non-paddling passenger lol

It was blazing hot so we had to take some breaks inside the cottage

Not that it’s air conditioned, but it was only 28C (82C) instead of high 30s (90s) with humidity outside!

And of course, lots of time in the water

Also…is there anything better than an outdoor shower?

By the time we got home at the end of the weekend, Abby was dead tired…

But even in her sleep, she was dreaming of chasing squirrels and fish up at the cottage

As for training…Saturday morning I mustered out a VERY sweaty 15k with my teammates. No pictures were taken because I was wearing as little clothing as possible and the phone had no place to be!

Yesterday morning, after Abby had her seizure and I had spoken to the neurologist, I pounded out 5 miles on the treadmill (didn’t want to leave Abby alone AND it was pouring rain outside) and then did some strength training. It felt good.

Anyway, hoping the meds start taking effect over the next few days and Abby perks up…but am dreading the sleepless nights ahead of me…

Happy Tuesday!

12 thoughts on “After a weekend of pure fun, my Abby takes a step backwards in health.

  1. Chris

    Sorry to hear she had a relapse. Hopefully here meds take effect quickly.

    What is her long term prognosis with the meds and her seizures? Will they always keep them in check and it is a matter of adjusting them?


    1. 50statecanuck Post author

      The long-term prognosis is not good. This condition (it’s an auto-immune disease that causes swelling in the brain) is fatal…I could have 1 year with her or 5. You just keep trying different doses and medications until you run out of options/quality of life isn’t there. It sucks.


  2. ultrarunner2014

    Aww, I feel so sorry for you, seeing Abby relapse and seizure, I can only imagine the heartbreak and sadness. I am wishing you both love in the coming weeks, as I know they will be hard, (especially for you) ❤

    LOVED the canoeing video! So serene and quiet and the lake looks like glass!! jade xo



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