Track + biking + hockey = beer, and how yoga continues to kick my butt.

Sooo…I really didn’t plan my day well yesterday in terms of physical activities.

I started off with a track workout of 3 sets of 4x400m, with 90s between repeats and 3 mins between sets.

It felt good to be back out there, pushing my lungs a bit more…but I have a ways to go to getting back my fitness.

Then I remembered that my first appointment of my work-day was an outdoor bike session with one of my patients…

GORGEOUS day…and another 24km for my legs.

And then, with yesterday being Thursday, I had field hockey last night!! 2 hours of play. No subs.

IMG_5350 This is what my pace graph looked like

And then the map of where I ran…always makes me laugh.

I look like a crazy person. But that was 7km of running last night on the turf.

This was well deserved post-game. Track, biking, hockey. My legs were dead.

And then this morning I stuck to my plan of doing my Core Yoga routine. I’m not kidding, I nearly died. When he (dude on the video) told me to get into the crow pose:

I tried it twice and then just sat on my mat and laughed at him. Literally.

THEN, he said we could try transitioning from the crow straight into plank position.

I literally swore at him at that point.

But, I was somewhat successful with Triangle Pose + bind

And then feeling proud of myself when the gymnastic training I did as a kid paid off! Full Wheel pose (with sliiiiight shoulder and spine inflexibility lol)

I really want to make yoga practice a regular part of my routine so that I can become stronger…but it’s hard figuring out how to balance everything in!!

Meanwhile…this is what I saw when I woke up this morning.

Happy Friday!!!

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