Abby’s “job”, workouts and teammates!

When Abby and I were up at the cottage on Sunday, a (not too smart, but very cute) groundhog suddenly appeared.

To say that Abby lost her sh*t would be an understatement. Her DNA commands her to search, attack and destroy rodents like this.

The poor, silly creature, hid under the ramp down to the dock once it realized it was in the presence of a ferocious beast…and, no joke, Abby stayed there for an hour. On guard. Willing the groundhog to make a mistake.

The only reason she left her post was because I picked up her up and put her in the car to go home!

Monday morning I did 7 miles along the canal.

I just love my city. Especially in the summer!!

And then when I got back, I did a little strength work

Look at me gritting my teeth! lol

Last night was team practice – the usual 1 mile repeats on the rolling hill mile loop. Because my lungs are still recovering, I did continuous loops instead – still a really tough workout, but not at that intensity where my lungs are on fire. Warm up, workout, cool down – total distance was 8 miles.

Coach enjoyed his new chair

And, just in case I haven’t said it before, I love my teammates and am so grateful to have them. Yesterday, some people were averaging 7 minute mile loops whereas others, were 6 minutes. But no matter what your speed, we support each other and are encouraging to each other the same amount. It’s so awesome.

My fitness is crap right now, but the weather is so awesome…I’m happy to just be outside moving, sweating and smiling!!

Happy Wednesday!


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