Loving the heat, swimming with Abby, sunbathing with Abby…and what not to do on a first date with me (or anyone!)

Wasn’t it just a week ago that I was wearing a toque and mitts to walk Abby and yet this past weekend a total heat wave hit us! We are in the low 30sC (90sF) and with the humidity it’s approaching 40C (over 100F). And you know what? I LOVE IT SO MUCH…because it means COTTAGE TIME with Abby!!!

Despite the whole weekend being blazing hot, I wasn’t able to get up to the cottage until Sunday morning!

Friday night I had a date. And it was basically a “What not to do on a first date” experience. Sigh. We had made plans to go mini-putting but then last minute he decides we’re going to the driving range…because HE wants to go hit some balls. I have never golfed in my life…oh wait, that’s a lie. I did it once. In high school gym class. 20 years ago. And he knew this. So this guy is a teacher and when he tells me about our change of plans I said, “Ok, given you’re a teacher, I’m expecting you to teach me how to hit a ball properly”. Do you think he did that? Nope. Set himself up and started hitting balls. I was NOT impressed. Thankfully I have a wee bit of athletic ability in me and when I hit my first ball and it went straight and relatively far, he turned around and was like, “Wow! That was really good”. I said, “Yeah, no thanks to you.” After golf we had planned to go for beers. He asked where I wanted to go, I told him the place I wanted, he said no, and took us somewhere else. He won’t be getting a second date. LOL.

Saturday morning was the annual run in memory of Emilie Mondor – scroll to the bottom of this post to learn who Emilie was. Because it is a 5k (one year they had a half marathon, which I did), I don’t race it (because 5ks terrify me lol), but pretty much my entire team does. So I am the unofficial cheer squad and photographer!

Shouldn’t be a surprise, but FG placed well enough that she won $300!

And we had a team photo…hahaha – can you spot me? One of these things is not like the rest…lol

And we celebrated our coach turning 75 years old this week – with cupcakes and presenting him with a chair to use while he waiting for us to finish our repeats during practice!

They also had a 1k for the kids and my teammate, Stacey, had her 4 year old running it…I just about died of cuteness!
Tell me that is not a future running star?!

Saturday night I organized our street’s annual bbq…and it was a HUGE success!

This doesn’t show it well, but there were over 30 people there – our street only has 39 houses so that’s a great turnout!

Sunday morning I quickly packed up the car and headed out of the city to the wonders of the cottage…it was still stinking hot up there, but at least I could jump into the lake every 5 minutes. I think I used an entire bottle of sunscreen yesterday! This is Abby with her nose shoved into the vent as far as she can inhaling the her favorite smell…COTTAGE TIME!!!

And, as always, if I’m in the water, someone else is in the water…

She cracks me up!

I really wish I could take every summer off and live up there.

When I got home, I did some laundry…and was totally panicking when I realized I had left two $20 bills in the pocket of my jeans…until I remembered that Canadian bills are made out of plastic!! #winning

Happy Monday!!!

5 thoughts on “Loving the heat, swimming with Abby, sunbathing with Abby…and what not to do on a first date with me (or anyone!)

  1. Chris

    I love your indestructible plastic bills except trying to fold them in a wallet is a pain!

    You need to let your blog readers pre-approve your dates to eliminate guys that are a waste of time like this one. LOL


    1. 50statecanuck Post author

      LOL – really? You struggle with them in your wallet? Do they just want to pop out or something?

      Yes, my neighbour was furious when he heard the latest date tale and has forbidden me to go on any other date that he hasn’t selected for me! lol


      1. Chris

        I fold them in half to carry and they don’t fold real well like American money.

        From now on your neighbor should be your pre-date screener!

        Liked by 1 person

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