Sucking wind post-plague is kinda nice and video of Abby inhaling veggies!

The plague is gone…and it feels like it took with it, my fitness. Seriously.

Monday night I did 5 miles on the treadmill…

Yes, it’s June, and I was running on my treadmill…but it was COLD outside. I wore mitts to walk Abby that morning!!

Then I did some strength work – including clamshells…and I had a partner…lol

Then last night I wasn’t able to make it out to practice with the team and so I did 10k on my own – down by the canal. Summer returned yesterday and I had an AMAZINGLY warm run!

And it seems like whenever I come back from a sweaty run outside, I do handstand push-ups!

But can I tell you something? On my runs, post-plague, I am SUCKING WIND. If I were training for something, I’d be freaking out right now. But since I’m not, I’m almost welcoming this. I get to, in some ways, start from scratch again. Keep my runs shorter and slower right now as I build my fitness back up. No stress. I like that.

I’ve posted lately about Abby’s dislike of berries and I feel like people think I might be being cruel to her by forcing her to eat fruits & veggies…so I filmed some proof that this is not the case!

LOL. Seriously, the dog will eat anything…except berries apparently!

Happy Wednesday!

10 thoughts on “Sucking wind post-plague is kinda nice and video of Abby inhaling veggies!

  1. Chris

    My dog’s snacks are carrots and frozen green beans, she loves them and they are really good for her. Other than when we go to the vet she never gets typical dog treats. She also will sneak tomatoes from my garden unless I put a fence up around them.


  2. ultrarunner2014

    So happy you’re over the plague, and Abby so excited for her veggie bowl is hilarious! Makes me think of people that worry if their dog eats grass or dandelion leaves that they are ill, but as my niece once said, “that’s their salad” 🙂 .


  3. flynnroad

    In March, Garmin reported my VO2 max at 54.
    Then I was sick for much of April 😦
    When I started up again, Garmin reported my VO2 max at 49.

    Last week, I finally got it back to 53.


    1. 50statecanuck Post author

      Yay!! Yup, I know it will come back…and, because I took the time to heal, I know I’ll come back stronger! Right now however, I feel like a sack of potatoes lol! At least it’s warm outside!!



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