Got rid of a cough and a boyfriend all in one weekend!

I’ve been quiet on here lately because for the past almost 3 weeks I have been unable to run after contracting a plague that then got my asthma quite reactive. I suddenly found myself with a lot of time on my hands and while sleeping is good, I just don’t like doing it quite as MUCH as someone else does…

…but seriously, with a whole bunch of extra time on my hands I was able to see that this guy I had been dating for the past few months was…well…totally not for me. And that realization kinda sucked but once I saw it, there was no going back. So I ended things on Friday and went into the weekend short a boyfriend AND, most excitingly, without my cough which meant that I was going to go running with my team Saturday morning!

Ha. Yeah. Mother nature had another plan apparently. Saturday morning was just shy of 50F and raining. Figured that probably wasn’t the best idea for my newly recovered lungs so I missed out on the team run and did 7 miles on the TM, followed by some strength training and 60 minutes of Yoga where I continue to struggle with simple poses but can nail that plow pose like nobody’s business! lol

I have SUPER protruding vertebrae – hence the blankets! lol

And throughout “the practice” I constantly have this look being thrown at me

"Mom, can I do some yoga with you...pleeease?!"

“Mom, can I do some yoga with you…pleeease?!”

Having not done anything in almost 3 weeks, I was a little sore after all that and can I tell you how awesome it was to FEEL my muscles…to HEAR my muscles? Amazing.

Saturday night I went to Ottawa’s new Craft Beer Market for dinner and drinks with my friend, Rob.

They have over 100 beers on tap (it’s awesome!) and we started off with some sliders which were amazing…the butternut squash ravioli I had as a main is not something I will order again, though.

Sunday was spent…

And I am happy to report that I am done!! WOOHOO! lol Did I like it? Um, it was ok. From season 2 and on, it just got ridiculous and just as I thought it couldn’t get any more ridiculous, it got more ridiculous.

Abby found yesterday so exhausting that she pulled this a few times on our walk this morning…

It was so pathetic looking (she literally just walked onto the grass and collapsed) that I ALMOST picked her up and carried her home. ALMOST.

Also…apparently she has issues with blueberries now, too! These were left behind once she had finished the rest of her meal.

And I SWEAR she put that expression on her face JUST FOR THE CAMERA!!!

Happy Monday

6 thoughts on “Got rid of a cough and a boyfriend all in one weekend!

  1. Kyle Desormeaux

    So much to talk about. I have the same views about Prison Break as well. Do you have a nickname for this guy that you dated and now broke his heart? Our dog should talk. Chopper wants some of my dinners, when I give him peas and carrots, the look of disappointment and wtf on his face is priceless.


    1. 50statecanuck Post author

      You know, the fact that I don’t have a nickname for him I think says it all…not even special enough for a nickname!! lol I also don’t think I broke his heart…I am not sure he actually knows what feelings are!!

      Well, Abby LOVES veggies. She has almost 4 cups of them per day…but apparently she is not a fan of fruit anymore!!



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