The surprise proposal, breakfast of champions and I will be running with Cheetahs!!!

Ok, before you freak out, no, I did not receive a marriage proposal…but what proposal I did receive was pretty darn exciting and a total surprise…buuuuuuuuut, let’s back it up a bit.

For those of you who know me in person or who have been reading my blog for a while, you know that I once was lured into employment in Mexico as a dancer…you can see this post for When I was a Las Vegas Style Dancer…Β to update yourself if you’ve missed out lol. It was a harrowing experience, and I really only had one person I could trust while there – a fellow dancer named Marie-Michele. She was also from Canada – from Quebec City, and while we are very different people, we have stayed in touch over the last 15 years – there’s a kind bond (that has feathers and sequins) that I have with her and no one else. Last November she and her fiance, Torran, came to visit me in Ottawa (see that post here) and this past weekend, she asked me to come and visit her in Quebec City.

This is me and Marie-Michele, in Quebec City…with a photobomb appearance by her fiance, Torran!

Quebec City is about a 4.5-5.0 hour drive from Ottawa and so I took the train!

It was a beautiful trip there…especially when I had no one sitting next to me!

Soooo…Quebec City is, obviously, within the province of Quebec and well, it’s VERY QUEBEC. Many people there, including my friend, would be happy to separate from Canada and form their own country…and if you’re not familiar with Canadian politics, the province of Quebec has voted on this very idea a few times in history…the last one being in 1995 when 93% of Quebecers came out to vote (!!!) and the “NO” to separating side won…with a vote of 50.58%. How terrifying is that?

Note that the Parliament Buildings of Quebec have only Quebec’s flag – there is not a Canadian flag within sight!

Anyway, I knew I was in for a weekend of speaking French (many people there speak little to no English…or flat our refuse to) and biting my tongue when it came to them, literally, referring to me as the group’s “token Canadian”!! Seriously – they consider themselves not as Canadians, but as Quebec nationality. Cracks me up!! Hmmm…they’re maybe the equivalent of Texans…

Saturday morning we started off with breakfast out where I ordered, really, the only thing I should order when in Quebec City for a weekend…

Breakfast Poutine!! If you don’t know what regular Poutine is, it’s DELICIOUS. Fries, gravy and cheese curds…and when you are eating it for breakfast, you might as well throw in eggs, sausage, ham and bacon. My friend Jen has already stopped reading at this point out of total disgust, but I was salivating…

We were lucky that, after a rainy week in Quebec, Saturday was a beautiful day and we spent our time walking around “Old Quebec” which, quite honestly, makes you feel as though you are wandering the streets of France…

I nearly fell over…A CANADIAN FLAG!!!

And then that night, Marie-Michele said that she had made dinner reservations for us and a couple of her girlfriends who were going to join us – first for pre-dinner drinks at her house and then for dinner.

Once the girls had arrived, suddenly Marie-Michele handed us each a little gift

and this is what I read as I opened it…

OMG. I started crying. I had ABSOLUTELY NO IDEA that this had been her plan for inviting me to visit her this weekend. Inside that little box was a candy ring…

And obviously I said yes to being her bridesmaid!! And you know what else…THIS is the wedding that is taking place in Namibia Africa on New Years Eve of this year!!! I didn’t think this wedding could have been anymore exciting, but it just got HUGE. This is my 6th time being a bridesmaid (I have also been an MC and given scripture readings – I’m basically a professional wedding party member), but this one will be extra special. From the stages of Mexico to the wilds of Africa – I never would have imagine this 15 years ago when we first met! (Oh, and the reason it’s in Africa is because her fiance is from Namibia…he has that South African accent that makes you melt!!)

Anyway, Saturday night was amazing! It gave us a chance to celebrate the upcoming nuptials

and gave me a chance to meet the other girls who I will be traveling to the other side of the world with!

For the trip, we will be flying through Doha, Qatar (neighbours with Saudi Arabia!!), staying there overnight and touring around a bit, then on to Namibia, Africa where we will be staying at a luxury resort on a nature reserve for 4 days – below is a pic Marie-Michele took while enjoying breakfast one morning there

and then, OMG, going on a 5-day Safari!!!! To say I can’t wait, is to put it mildly. And yes, I have already started planning my unofficial half marathon that I will be doing there – Marie-Michele says that she is going to make me a medal! lol I will literally be running on Cheetah land!!! Marie-Michele took the below photo on one of her many trips there! Yes, I basically squeal with excitement every 5 minutes!

And what was Abby doing all weekend? Well, don’t worry, she barely missed me…she was staying with my neighbour who, on her way home from dropping me off at the train station, stopped off at our National Coffee Shop, Tim Hortons, and bought Abby a TimBit (a donut hole)…and Abby instantly forgot I was gone!

And clearly had an exciting weekend of adventures as she was PASSED OUT HARD in bed last night!


Happy Monday!!!




13 thoughts on “The surprise proposal, breakfast of champions and I will be running with Cheetahs!!!

  1. jenkirk72

    I was still crying from laughing so hard about the Texas comment….then I started gagging a little bit while reading about the poutine, but I DID read on! LOL


  2. ultrarunner2014

    WOW! Congrats on being the bridesmaid and going on the AFRICA trip!! LOVE the cheetah pic and I must see Africa, someday, (It’s at the top of my bucket list πŸ™‚


    1. 50statecanuck Post author

      Thank you!! Am so deliriously excited!! And yes, was on my bucket…but really didn’t think I’d be able to cross it off so soon and in this amazing way!!


  3. Jeremy

    I think you nailed the Texas comparison. Except it’s the other way… The rest of the U.S. probably would not care if Texas left us;-) (That’s for Jen)


  4. runn247

    What an amazing several days you had! I cracked up with your comments on Quebec. How is your French? πŸ™‚ And of course you will be running your own 1/2. That was my first thought when I read you were going. Your friend sound pretty amazing…kinda like you!! πŸ™‚


    1. 50statecanuck Post author

      I am bilingual, so her friends accepted me lol.

      Aww, thanks! MM and I are similar in many ways, but come from such different backgrounds…we would never have met had it not been for Mexico.



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