How some Yin Yoga shut this ninja runner DOWN and new Abby video!

As I’m still trying to recover from the plague I contracted this weekend, I’m not running at all this week. For me, when I get sick, it goes straight to my lungs and wakens my asthma…right now, I wheeze when I walk Abby and OMG, don’t get me laughing…SMOKERS’ COUGH. It’s ugly.

Soooo…I suddenly find myself with a whole lot of free time…and there is only so much Prison Break I can watch before going insane. Luckily, by coincidence, I got my hands on a new Yoga DVD last week. When I do do yoga, it’s at home and I use Mark Laham’s Power Yoga  DVD which I love. It’s a brutal workout, but soooo good. However, I’ve been wanting to get his Yin Yoga DVD and finally decided to order it last week.

I was looking for a more relaxing and deep stretch style yoga to be able to do…well holy crap, I got the deep stretch, but it is not really relaxing yet because IT IS KICKING MY ASS and humbling me. There are some poses that I can do that look impressive like this Plow Pose…

But you want to know what I CANNOT do? A Hero Pose:

Well, I can do it but it sends my feet into immediate cramps that make basically send me into convulsions. And then “he” (dude on the DVD) is also trying to get me to do a Half Supine Hero Pose:

This was my reaction…

And then the other pose that had me completely dumbfounded when I realized I couldn’t do it?

A wide legged foward bend

So, with my legs together, I can pretty much touch my face to my legs. But with a wide leg stance, I CAN BARELY JUST SIT UP STRAIGHT!!!

I have a good friend, Ashley, who is a yoga instructor and I wanted to know WHAT WAS WRONG WITH ME…however, she is pregnant and 5 days past her due date so this is the text I sent her:


So, apparently my low back is, um, well, glued together. I have very little flexibility there, which is why the forward bend just doesn’t happen for me. Ashley says I need to work on loosening up my glutes and hip flexors. Shocking, right? A runner with tightness in those areas?

And as for my incompetence with the Hero Poses, that comes from an inflexibility in my ankles! Soooo…just gotta keep working on that Hero Pose with major modifications…in short, I need to invest in some yoga blocks.

Abby likes it when I do Yoga…but for her own reasons…

Oh, and speaking of Princess Abby…while she happily ate an entire tape dispenser the other week (plastic case and everything), she had issues with part of her breakfast this morning…

And if you want to see her refusal in action…

She is something else!!

Happy Wednesday!!

8 thoughts on “How some Yin Yoga shut this ninja runner DOWN and new Abby video!

  1. runn247

    Yoga, it’s so good for a runner. I wish I spent more time doing it to just get all of the benefits from it. You look to be pretty flexible! 🙂 Did you do yoga with your sickness going on? You’re smart, not running and letting your body get health before you start again is a good idea. Hope today is finding you much healthier!! Oh, I love how Abby gets hand fed too. She is such a cutie!!


    1. 50statecanuck Post author

      I agree – I wish I had more time to run AND do yoga. I am not running again until my lungs are healed – otherwise I will just train while sick and prolong this cough. So, I’m planning on doing yoga while not running, and then hoping to figure out how to incorporate it more often when I do start running again – because I can definitely see the benefit!!
      As for Abby…lord, she is a riot! Normally there is no hand feeding because she INHALES her food!! lol



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