Sweaty workouts (finally), change in race plans, Abby’s set-back and Facetiming with a 4 yr old!

I finally got to use my seat protector that I got at Birmingham’s Mercedes half marathon back in February – it’s finally hot enough to make me sweat enough to make me want to protect my car’s seats!! lol

Yup, Tuesday night’s team practice was killer…and it was one of those workouts where when coach sends you the details and you’re like, “Oh that’ll be ok” but then by the end you’re coughing up a lung. However, despite this being AFTER the workout, apparently, whenever there’s a camera around, we can pull it together and look good!

The workout was 4k warm-up, 5 x 600m downslopes (jog back recovery…uphill), 4k cool-down. Seriously, I didn’t think I was going to actually be able to do the cool down without dying…on the side of the road…from complete fatigue.

But that brings me to something else. I’m tired. I had planned to do a half here in Ottawa in June, but I have not had a run since Cincinnati where I didn’t feel like I was dying from the start. As I was running to meet up with FG on Monday, I decided that I’m not racing in June. And really, for the next few months, I will run purely for fun…meaning that if I have something more exciting to do on a weekend than a long run, I will without question, opt out of the long run. Life is too short not to have adventures.

Had a wee bit of a giant scare last night with Abby. She had another seizure. God, it was terrifying. She recovered quickly and seems ok now – although, to be honest, if she sneezed this morning I was freaking out. I’ve increased her meds again and hopefully that’ll calm things down. Fingers crossed for this little munchkin.

lol. See? Her normal position in life is similar to a dead pose!!

But let’s talk about something more fun when it comes to Abby. I wore my Garmin the other day while walking her. She did a good job of ACTUALLY WALKING most of the time…it’s like she new my Garmin was recording her!

For those who don’t speak metric,, that’s a speedy 27:39 min/mi average pace we had going there! But that’s because it includes the throwdowns which are nicely shown here below. Our average moving speed was 4.8km/hr (3 miles/hour). Still slow as molasses. lol

Yeah, every plummet in the pace represents a throwdown. You know, these…

And no, don’t worry if throwdowns are the effects of her auto-immune disease…she has been doing this pretty much since the day I got her!!

Last night we had a birthday party in the ‘hood. Chuck, our local firefighter/fixer of everything, turned 54 and we had a bbq and birthday cake in his honor!

He actually hates special attention like this, so these party hats were perfect for him!

While I was there, I got a message from my sister-in-law saying that my nephew had crashed his head into the corner of their coffee table…she included a picture of his wound and was asking me if I thought they should bring him to emerg. Because I work with pediatricians all day, she knows that I have quick access to medical opinions…there happened to be a peditrician sitting next to me at the party and she said that she would err on the side of taking him to emerg – the pic looked like the wound could be deep. I’ll spare you having to see the picture.

So, off they went to emerg and after surprisingly short wait, Jackson was able to leave with only steri-strips to the forehead! And of course, Auntie Jane wanted to make sure he was ok and so we did Facetimed on his way home…lol – this is what it’s like facetiming with a 4 year old.

Doesn’t QUITE get the bit about making sure I can see his face!! This was taken while he was telling me how he ended up ramming his head into the corner of the coffee table – hence my expression!

Anyway, I think all is well…Happy Thursday!

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