The Fox, my Hound and the Hill.

Sooooo, I didn’t post on Monday because, well, I basically did nothing all weekend…and had a more than willing partner in crime…

Sure, I ran on Saturday and I did groceries and cleaned my house buuuuut, other than that, not too much…and it was heavenly. Oh, wait, that’s not entirely true. While walking Abby Sunday morning, I was LITERALLY, chased by a fox.

When I first saw it, I thought, “Oh, look, a cute fox” and whipped out my phone to take a video…

You’ll note that the moment it turned towards me, the recording stopped…I figured having both hands free might become important. I started to walk away…but it kept following. I turned and tried to shoo-shoo it way “No, no, no, Mr. Fox, you stay away”. But it kept coming.

I picked up Abby at this point (who, for the record, really didn’t seem all that concerned) and started shouting (maybe shrieking if I’m being honest) at it, “Go away, Mr. Fox…GO AWAY”. But it kept coming…it was getting so close I actually thought I was going to have to kick it away!

It finally turned around and trotted off in the opposite direction and I all but ran home, heart racing. Once I was safely inside my house I had a good laugh at myself

I seriously kept addressing it as Mr. Fox. And no, lol, I don’t know the answer to…

While I wasn’t doing anything much this weekend, neither was Ms. Spring…she apparently let Mr. Winter take charge…

And while we may have sunrises like this this week in the morning while walking Abby…

…this is how I’m dressed

The struggle is real, folks. lol

Monday I did 5 miles easy

Followed by some iron pumping

Tuesdays are normally team practice – doing the dreaded hilly mile repeats. You know what’s worse than that? Doing them on your own.

My work schedule didn’t allow me to get to practice and so did the hill workout on my own on, you know, that nasty hill near my house.
That arrow shows where the top is. To try and mimic the team workout as much as possible (mile repeats), I did ran up 3 times and down 3 thimes continuously, took a 3 minute break and then repeated it 2 more times. Each interval is just over a mile. And you want to know how it felt?

But I did it!!! Booyah!

Last week I posted my new weekly training outline:

But I wasn’t happy with only one strength training day, so I’m going to try and do those on Wednesdays…and since today is Wednesday, that’s what I did!

Simple, nothing crazy or time consuming…3 sets of 10-15 of each…

Oooooh, get this…I suddenly noticed this hits coming to my blog from the North Kentucky Tribune…apparently Paul Long referenced my blog post about the race in his race account in an article he wrote for the paper! Very cool!

And let’s talk about Abby…here is Abby’s latest non (traditional) food item she decided to eat:


Oh well…not much I can do except love this adorable long nosed creature!

Hope you have a throwdown free…

…and Happy Wednesday!

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